Each summer, members of Cantabile’s Avanti (formerly Ensemble) and Vocalise choirs tour nationally or internationally, and participate in various festivals. Touring is a valuable way for students to explore the world of professional musicians and the performing arts and to understand and appreciate the preparation and dedication required to be a performer on the world’s stages. The tour offers a chance for singers to make new friends, see a culturally vibrant city and learn how to travel as a professional performer.

Since 2009, Cantabile Youth Singers completed a concert tour of Estonia, Finland and Russia and performed a stand-alone concert at Carnegie Hall. In 2011, select members of Cantabile Youth Singers departed for England on a concert tour, where they also participated in the Somerset International Festival. In 2012, Cantabile performed in Chicago's famed Orchestra Hall as part of the Windy City Youth Choral Festival, and was a selected youth choir in 2013 at Festival 500 on the scenic shores of St. John's, Newfoundland. In 2014, Cantabile participated in the Passion of Italy Concert Tour to Venice, Padua, Lucca, Pisa, Florence and Rome. In 2015, Cantabile returned to New York City and performed at Carnegie Hall in a children's festival conducted by Elena Sharkova, that also included solo stage time. In 2016, Cantabile traveled to Europe and participated in a festival in Dublin and Galway in Ireland, sang in a choral exchange concert in Paris with le Choeur d'Ile de France children's choir, and performed a stand-alone concert at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Crescent City Choral Festival, New Orleans, June 21-27, 2017

Members of Ensemble, Vocalise, Bravi and VTG have the opportunity to travel to New Orleans in the summer of 2017 to participate in the 18th annual Crescent City Choral Festival with British composer and guest conductor Bob Chilcott, and conductor Cheryl Dupont. The tour culminates in a celebration concert in historic St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square, and also includes a solo concert performance.

To learn more about our 2017 tour, please look at our brochure here .

A Journey to the Heart of Ireland and France, June 18-28, 2016

In the summer of 2016, members of Vocalise, Bravi, VTG and Ensemble have the opportunity to travel to Europe on Cantabile’s 2016 International tour to Ireland and France, staying and performing in Galway, Dublin, and Limerick in Ireland, and singing with the Ile de France Children’s Choir in the Parisian suburb of Levallois and performing at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The singers will enjoy formal, professionally staged individual concerts as well as share the passion and the beauty of choral music through exchanges and impromptu songs in town squares.

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Tour 2015 - Carnegie Hall June 12-16

Sing in Carnegie Hall!
Members of Vocalise and Ensemble have a tremendous opportunity this summer to perform on one of the world’s most revered concert stages – NYC’s Carnegie Hall. The 2015 tour choir will join several other children’s and youth choruses from across North America rehearsing and performing in a festival setting, with our very own Elena Sharkova as the festival’s Artistic Director and Conductor. The special feature of this tour is the opportunity to have our own stage time in a pre-concert - a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the young singer!

To learn more, please check out our brochure: here

Tour 2014 - Passion of Italy

June 22 - July 2, 2014