Musicianship Instruction

At Cantabile, we pride ourselves on providing a well-balanced musicianship education for our singers. Each level of instruction in our training and performance programs provides progressive instruction in musicianship classes and in rehearsal. Instructors and directors are experienced music educators who understand the great value of a quality music education and work to connect theoretical concepts with practical application through the repertoire.

In the Training Division, singers begin their musicianship journey in Prelude I and Prelude II with folk songs and games that incorporate basic concepts through the Kodaly and Orff traditions. In Allegro, singers begin their more formal training in the first book of the “Young Singer’s Journey” series, where they learn to name notes, the solfege of the major scale, and introductory musical symbols. In Intermezzo, singers complete books two and three of the “Young Singer’s” series, which includes an introduction to key signatures, basic time signatures, accidentals, and beginning intervals.

Musicianship education continues in the performance division, where Avanti students master more complicated rhythms and intervals, begin to read bass clef, learn all major and minor key signatures, learn about both simple and compound time signatures, and master the three types of minor scales. As students continue in Vocalise, they continue to build their music reading and interpretation skills, learning and discovering concepts from the repertoire they learn and sing.

In each level of Cantabile, solfege and sight-singing are emphasized and mirror the concepts taught in musicianship classes. Singers learn to read the solfege of the major and minor scale, using altered tones and hand signs to help with the process of reading and understanding the relationships between the notes of the scale. Ultimately, our goal is to create well-rounded musicians who can succeed musically in a variety of situations and who understand and treasure the deep relationship between musicianship and making beautiful music.