Vocalise Rehearsal #9, Notes for Nov. 6th

Bravi / VTG Rehearsal #10 – October 30, 2017
November 3, 2017
Prep 1 Blog #9 Week of November 6, 2017
November 10, 2017

Vocalise Rehearsal #9, Notes for Nov. 6th

(Please note:  there are several NEW announcements with call times for events and other important information at the end of this blog.)

Oct. 30th, 2017

Dear Vocalise,


ACTION ITEMS FOR NOV 6th REHEARSAL. (Full instructions for each piece are further down in the blog.)


  • ONLY 4 rehearsals left until Holiday Concert — attendance is crucial!
  • Vivos Voco, Amani, Credo, Kyrie, Agnus Dei, Santo — Memorized by Nov. 6th
  • Altissimo — all notes and words learned solid
  • Vivos Voco:


Know exact meaning of each word. Practice with metronome to memorize

precise tempi.


  • 2nd Yoga flow and meditation is a part of your daily routine. Practice no less than 10 min. a day, 10 rounds of the flow, with articulation and full connection to breath. We begin the third flow on Nov. 6th




Vivos Voco by Joan Szymko

  • CONSONANTS: how to articulate them without compromising the sound:

Throughout the piece, consonants are extremely important and need to be projected intensely.  Be aware that you must protect the laryngeal area (the “voice box,” where the vocal folds sit, and surrounding muscles) and not increase tension there as you produce consonants.  Projection will be achieved by friction of air moving over articulators (lips, tongue, teeth, palate) on consonants such as “f, v, s, z, sh, wh, etc.,” explosion of air through the articulators on “b, p, d, t, k, g, etc.,” and by giving consonants a slightly longer duration, especially on “m, n, ng.”

  • Intense consonants should not distort dedicated, tall, round vowels.
  • Rehearse each section of this song at the tempi indicated in the score.
  • ALTOS: Check ms. 30-39, they were not accurate Monday.  Focus on your part in this section and know it by next week.
  • Dynamics are given to you quite specifically in the score.  Observe these as you practice so that you memorize them along with words, pitch and rhythm.
  • A note about Forte – this should not be the absolute loudest you can sing.  Leave room for Fortissimo to be louder than Forte.
  • In ms. 40-73, accentuate the “sh” in “shall be.”
  • Do not let the “l” in “shall” and “well” color the preceding vowel too early, and be sure to flip the tip of the  tongue clearly on the cut-off of the word.
  • 2ND SOPRANOS: take the top note of the Alto line in ms. 48-52.
  • In the canonic section (ms. 52-65), practice singing only the notes on “shall be,” to assure accurate counting and to be aware of how those notes should stick out of the texture.
  • In ms. 67 and 69, the “l” cut-off should come right on the last eighth note of the measure.
  • Note that at the very end of the piece, your cut-off is followed by a chord ringing in the piano and bell parts.  Watch carefully!



Review the notes, transitions and KNOW THE TEXT cold!

This was a bit shaky and we only had time for a brief run-through of this on Monday.  We will sing it this coming Saturday – please review it so you can be leaders for the younger groups.



Caribbean Mass (SATB), by Glenn McClure


  • Be sure you know the translation – it is written in the front of your score.
  • 2ND ALTOS: a reminder – you are singing the Tenor line in this movement.
  • Observe dynamic and stylistic markings – ie, begin Piano and accent “De-” of “De-um.”  The whole movement is a gradual crescendo to Fortissimo at the end.
  • SOPRANOS: be aware of the G-natural in places like ms. 35 and make sure it is low enough after singing so many G-sharps.


  • Do not breath between ms. 2 & 3 and ms. 6 & 7.
  • Put an accent on beat 1 of ms. 3.
  • Ms. 5 and similar places should be marcato.
  • The measure before letterA should be marcato, and the following four measures (and following similar sections) staccato, with a separation between “Altissimo” and “Onnipotente.”
  • ALTOS: sing the Tenor line in ms. 30-32.
  • Ms. 51-52 and following should be marcato and the last note (the “-gnor” of “Bon Si-gnor”) should be short.
  • Throughout the piece, be sure to roll the “r’s”
  • At letter D: 2ND SOPRANOS sing the Alto line; ALTOS sing the Tenor line; ALL TENORS AND BASSES will sing the Bass line.  Go back to your own part at letter E.
  • Letter E to the end was shaky on Monday.  Learn your part.


  • The opening section should be very smooth, but light.
  • Throughout the section at letter C, be sure to notice when you are singing unison with other parts and tune as such.
  • Letter D – this section is quiet, but needs obvious accents where marked.
  • Be sure you know the Italian from letter E to the end.


Recordings for your reference:

Kyrie (sung by the MA All-State Honor Choir, Dr. Janet Galvan, Conductor):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4CcudfDr18

Here is Santo…


…and Credo:




Call Times for the Fall Rehearsal: TOMORROW, SATURDAY NOV 4th

Please note your call time for the Fall Rehearsal TOMORROW Saturday, November 4th   Your call time is 9:00 am and you must arrive in your Cantabile T-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes/sneakers.  Please arrive in the back parking lot (off of Byron St) for check in.  A friendly reminder that the concert is scheduled for 1pm, and you will be done by 2pm.  The rehearsal and concert are held at First United Methodist Church, Palo Alto: 625 Hamilton Ave.  


Holidays with Cantabile Information Coming MONDAY 11/6

Please keep an eye out for information that will be emailed home to you on Monday, 11/6.  This will include information about your call and release times, drop off and pick up information, and volunteer sign-ups for our Dress Rehearsal (Tues 11/28) and Holidays with Cantabile Concert (Sun 12/3).


Holidays with Cantabile Tickets Now On Sale

Please visit the Cantabile website to buy your tickets today – they are going quickly!  Additionally, we need your help in filling the hall, so invite your extended family, friends, teachers, and neighbors today!


Tour Registration Reminder

If you haven’t already told us about your plans to attend tour, please either register via our website or email Jazmine (jazmine@cantabile.org) and let us know your status.  Thank you!

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