April 25, 2016/Rehearsal #15

April 27, 2016/Rehearsal #16
April 29, 2016
Week of April 29/ Class # 12
April 29, 2016

April 25, 2016/Rehearsal #15

Dear Vocalise Singers,


First of all: Rehearsal this Monday is at First United Methodist Church in Palo Alto (625 Hamilton Ave) at the regular time. PLEASE TAKE NOTE!


Concert week is upon us. Below are all of the details for this week.

Announcements and Assignments

    • Dress Rehearsal–Wednesday, 5/4
      • Location: All-Saint’s Episcopal Church, Palo Alto (555 Waverly Street)
      • Call Time: 4:45pm
      • Release time: 7:45pm (8:30pm for Aria)
    • Spring Concert–Saturday, 5/7
      • Location: All-Saint’s Episcopal Church, Palo Alto (555 Waverly Street)
      • Call Time: 12:30pm
      • Concert at 2pm
      • Dress: Formal Dress Uniform
  • When singing SATB music (Tristeza, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Double Shot), please use the following divisi:
    • Basses on Bass
    • Tenors on Tenor
    • Alto 2s, sing with Tenors (unless it goes F or below, then up with the Altos)
    • Alto 1s plus Julia, Kelly, Franny, Sasha, Megan B., and Claire sing Alto line
    • S1s plus remaining S2s on Soprano


Below is a chart with all of the repertoire for the Spring Concert on 5/4 (in concert order). Please use this to review for rehearsal on Monday, when we will run through everything on the program.


Aria [You know what you need to work on! Work hard on Sunday!]
Ubi Caritas
Rimas Tropicales Movement 2!!
Vocalise SSA
Bonnie Wood Green
  • Review measures 5, 41, and 63
  • Review each refrain for text and rhythm
  • Set an intention
Lift Thine Eyes
  • Lots of K (“cometh,” “keeper)
  • Lots of H (“heaven,” “help”)
  • Get lost in the beautiful music
  • Watch for rubato and ritards
The Beatitudes
  • Review memory
  • Soloists: memorize!
Ain’t No Grave Can Hold My Body Down Be sure it is fully memorized
Vocalise SATB
Tristeza Diction! Files below!

Learn your individual parts!

El Último Café Remember the dynamics we worked on
Seven Bridges Road Polish at home so it is performance ready and MEMORIZE
Aria/Bravi–Review everything below, even if you haven’t seen it in a while…
Oh, My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose
Girl from Ipanema
One-Note Samba
Bésame Mucho
Vocalise (SATB)
Double Shot (Honey in the Rock) Send in recordings if you are interested in a solo
Senior Song
Bridge Over Troubled Water Seniors: Contact Gwen if you are interested in a solo

Diction for Tristeza:


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