April 18, 2016/Rehearsal #14

Week of April 15/Rehearsal # 10
April 15, 2016
April 18, 2016/Rehearsal #14
April 21, 2016

April 18, 2016/Rehearsal #14

Dear Vocalise Singers,

Thank you for your wonderful hard work on Monday. We are getting closer and closer to our last concerts of the year and you are sounding great. Please keep working on memory so that interpretation can flow!

Announcements and Assignments:


  • When singing SATB music (Tristeza, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Double Shot), please use the following divisi:


      • Basses on Bass
      • Tenors on Tenor
      • Alto 2s, sing with Tenors (unless it goes F or below, then up with the Altos)
      • Alto 1s plus Julia, Kelly, Franny, Sasha, Megan B., and Claire sing Alto line
      • S1s plus remaining S2s on Soprano


  • Please continue to practice alignment – breath – movement sequences as Elena assigned. These practices should be 10-12 min or longer, and no less than 3 times a week.


  1. Moment of stillness — eyes closed, turning attention inward, reconnecting with all sensations of the body
  2. Slow, smooth, deep and even breath — hands on abdomen, feeling the body expand with inhale and condense with exhale
  3. Align the body by drawing your attention to each part of the body, beginning with feet, finishing with crown of head
  4. Continue with breath/movement flow exercises as practiced in rehearsal

Observe and remember your sensations and feelings at the end of session. The desirable outcome should bring

    • Light, spacious, flexible body — ready for direct experience with self and the world, eager to connect and enjoy, longing to sing
    • Mind curious and open, non-judgemental
    • Playful, joyous, welcoming spirit

Please keep this in mind during your days!

Rehearsal Review:

      • Be sure that you carefully delineate between even and syncopated rhythms.
      • Sing with the divisi under “Announcements and Assignments”
    • Bridge Over Troubled Water:
      • Here are the sections where you should sing with the divisi under “Announcements and Assignments”
        • M. 24 to 34
        • M. 51 to 57
        • M. 79 to end
      • Everyone on the Bass line:
        • M. 72 to 75
        • M. 82 to 83
      • Sopranos on “Ah,” m. 84 to 85
      • Use glottal stops at the beginnings of words that start with vowels
      • Use glottal stops when you change pitches but not text
      • Use lots of punch and marcato–non legato
      • Slide aggressively–don’t come off the voice
      • Press into the blue notes
      • Sing with a more pop-like, nasal quality
      • Use chest voice, when needed
      • Part assignments as outlined below. All other sections (melody lines) are solos for Seniors.
      • Some tips on Gospel style (this is the video referenced at the top of the score):
    • Dirait-on:
      • There is a lot of rubato in this piece–WATCH ELENA and sing freely
      • Four-measure phrases in the chorus–no breaths in those phrases
      • S2s, sing with Altos on the verses


  • Ain’t No Grave


      • Enunciate the “ve” of “grave” with a schwa (“vuh”)
      • Make every note sparkle
      • Pay attention to the length of notes–short ones short, long ones long
      • Sing blue notes louder
      • S2 bottom for splits: Sasha, Julia, Katherine, Claire, Megan B. Franny, Jasmine.
      • Swell on quarter notes–pg. 15


  • Double Shot


    • Four solos–please prepare the one you are interested in, email Elena, and send her a recording of it:
      • P. 1 (introduction)
      • P. 2 and 3 (first verse and second verse)
      • M. 38 to the end (fourth verse and ending)
    • Sing dynamics exactly as written
    • Stay marcato when soft


Music for Spring Concert

Below is the music for your spring concerts (it is a pdf of the handout you got on Monday). Please be sure that you are up to date with your memory and all notes/rhythms/texts are learned, if not memorized.

Vocalise Repertoire for Spring Concerts

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