Prep 1 Blog #6 Week of March 20, 2017

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March 24, 2017
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Prep 1 Blog #6 Week of March 20, 2017

Prep 1 –  Tuesday, Jazmine

It was another wonderful Tuesday full of music making at Cantabile!  We started this week by working on our “inner listening” skills with the song “Little Peter Rabbit”.  By removing words phrase by phrase, this is a great exercise for internalizing a piece and being able to ‘hear it’ inside without singing it ‘outside’.  

Next, we learned a new partner dance called “Bow Wow Wow”.  The singers did a wonderful job of learning the melody and the dance quite quickly!  Then we practiced our pitch matching and solo singing skills with “Hickety Tickey Bumble Bee” and our warmups.

Then, we had some fun with rhythms.  I wrote 8 different rhythm patterns on the board, and would clap one of the rhythms.  The singers were asked to identify which rhythm I had clapped.  To do so, they had to decode the written rhythms, translate what they were hearing into a visual pattern, and then match the two together.  All in my a few seconds!  I was so impressed with their abilities, and they had a lot of fun identifying the patterns!

Next we started a new song that we’ll be singing in our recital, “If All The Raindrops”.  We learned one verse and will keep learning more verses in the weeks to come.  Then we learned the bridge to our “Rainbow” song, and reviewed the song (and the movements) to “Build A Mountain.”  

Then we learned a new game “Doggie Doggie” which supports solo singing and critical listening skills.  The students very much enjoyed themselves and we will keep playing this in weeks to come.  We finished with a round of “Looby Loo“, and it was time to go!

Prep 1 –  Thursday, Emily

Dear Parents,

I noticed a big change this week:  I heard a lot more of the children singing!  They were even brave enough to sing in duets.  In addition, we had our first introduction to the musical staff, and the children were able to show me where so, mi and la go on the staff. That’s a big step.

We started our class with my favorite song, My Little Boat Turned Over, and then each child had a chance to choose an animal to catch in our call and response version of Charlie Over the Ocean.  The children had the opportunity to be leaders in duets.

We used our voices with some sirens, and talked about things we like to do in our warm up I love to sing.

We played the game Lucy Locket, and then the children derived the melody of the song in solfege.  We then sang the song with solfege and hand signs, and put the notes on our tone ladder.  I led the children in singing from the tone ladder.  This helps build their intonation by giving them another visual way to understand the pitches.  We then figured out how we might write those notes on the staff, and read the measures we had just written from the staff.  \

The children were then able to be led, via he tone ladder to our next game: Ring Around the Rosy.  They had worked hard and really needed to move by then!

I taught the children a new song:  Hi Little Woodpecker, and we worked on keeping the rhythm and then the beat.  This is still a challenge for them, and we will continue to work on it.

To keep up with our bird theme, we played 2 bird-related games at the end:  Little Robin Red Breast and Here Comes the Bluebird.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing everyone next week!

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