Thursday February 25/ Rehearsal # 7

February 24, 2016/Rehearsal #7
February 25, 2016
February 22, 2016/Rehearsal #20
February 26, 2016

Thursday February 25/ Rehearsal # 7

Greetings, Intermediate Singers,

Thank you for a great rehearsal this evening! You maintained great focus and sang through many new songs which we will be singing in the Cantabile’s  Festival for Young Voices, in just a few short weeks. Keep up the good work!

To those of you who forgot to bring your binders, please remember to bring them every week!!

Trivia Question: What is the very popular partner dance from Argentina?

Action Items for Next Week:

  • Review El Pambiche Lento (memorized by 03/17)
  • Review Tres Canciones de los Elementos (memorized by 03/17)
  • Review Pueblito, mi Pueblo (memorized by 03/17)
  • Review Goza mi Calipso (memorized by 03/17)
  • Review Seize the Day and Seven Wonders

Memorize for Next Week:

  • Un Lorito de Verapaz (memory checks in musicianship!)

What to practice:

El Pambiche

We sang through most of the song tonight!

  • Part 2 needs to review their music and sing the solfege in measures 42-56 and measures 75-90.
  • Speak through all the Spanish
  • Continue to listen to the song!

Goza mi Calipso

We sang through the whole song this evening, in 2-part harmony.

  • Review the Spanish, and the translation:

Enjoy my calypso and come and dance.

The calypso in Venezuela is a popular song

That accompanies the parades throughout Carnival.

The calypso is from Guayana–a land rich in minerals.

We sing for everybody, we invite you to dance.

My calypso sounds like this

Here you have my calypso

Calypso, calypso dance

To dance!

  • Here is the video we watched – continue listening and following in your score, and dancing!

Pueblito, mi pueblo

We sang through the whole song this evening!

  • We are only singing in 2-part (Sop and Alto) harmony during the A section – the rest of the time, we all sing the Soprano line. Whenever “no puedo ol vidarte” returns, sing in 2 parts
  • Use this study guide to review the translation, pronunciation and history of the song.
  • Listen to the song
  • Listen to the attached recording of the pronunciation

Un Lorito de Verapaz

Tonight, we sang through the song and reviewed several harmonic sections.

  • Review the B section, or measures 17-end of the song. Be sure to take note of the first and second ending, and how they are different!
  • Speak through the Spanish and read the translation in your score.
  • Memorize for next week, and review the dance!

We have not sung Seven Wonders or Seize the Day in a while – keep listening and following along in your score at home!

Musicianship A: Nice work writing your scales and melodic dictation. Your sight-singing is also progressing very well! This week, please complete pages 19-22 in Book 2.

Musicianship B: Great job with major and perfect intervals! . Your sight-singing is also progressing very well! This week, please complete pages 19-22 in Book 3.

Trivia Answer: The  Tango!

Have a great week!







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