Thursday April 28th/ Rehearsal # 16

April 25, 2016/Rehearsal #28
April 27, 2016
Week of April 29th/ Class # 12
April 29, 2016

Thursday April 28th/ Rehearsal # 16

Greetings, Intermediate Singers!

Thank you for a stellar rehearsal this evening – you have really worked hard to learn a number of songs for our upcoming All-Choir Spring Concert on May 14th, and it is truly paying off. We have ONE rehearsal left before the dress rehearsal, during which we will do some final polishing and really work through Like a Singing Bird. Please keep up all your hard work and studies at home!


We will be rehearsing at Palo Alto Methodist Church next Thursday May 5th. The timing is the same: Intermediate A at 5:00, then A and Honors from 5:00-7:00. Honors will then stay until 7:35 as usual. Both this rehearsal and our dress rehearsal the following week are at this location, and they are both very important – thank you for arriving on time, ready to sing, and please consult the Cantabile calendar for all additional dress rehearsal and concert information!

Please note: All singers must be in full Cantabile uniform for the dress rehearsal and concert – for those new students, this is the red polo shirt with the Cantabile logo, with black pants or skirts with black tights. These uniforms should be purchased here as soon as possible!

Action Items for Next Week

Continue to practice, listen to and review all your concert songs – take special care to review your part when it splits into 2 and 3-part harmony!


Thank you for all your hard work on your tests and sight-singing! You will receive your exams back next week. Use your time to study all your concert music, and sing through sections in solfege!

Have a great week, and see you Thursday!


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