Thursday April 21st/ Rehearsal # 15

April 20, 2016/Rehearsal #15
April 21, 2016
Week of April 22nd/ Class # 11
April 22, 2016

Thursday April 21st/ Rehearsal # 15

Greetings, Intermediate Singers!

Thank you for another very productive rehearsal this evening  – it was great to have almost everyone back from their trips and events, and we are in good shape as we make final preparations for our All-Choir Spring Concert on Saturday May 14th.  Keep up the good work – continuing studying, listening, and memorizing your songs at home – we only have TWO rehearsals left before our dress rehearsal!

Trivia Question:  What is vair?

Recap from this week’s rehearsal:

  • We came together with a quick and lively game of El Capitan – we have some sneaky captains and some equally savvy captain-spotters!
  • We warmed up briefly today, with two canons, “Come, Let’s Dance,” and “With Laughter and Singing.”
  • We sang the G major scale in solfege and sang two sections of Wild Mountain Thyme in solfege – this was in order to solidify the places in 3-part harmony
  • You showed that you have Wild Mountain Thyme memorized and well on its way to being polished!
  • We focused on the 3-part harmony sections of Seven Wonders, and also worked on sounding more bell-like in various sections, particularly the response “tah-lah-ring-ting-ring-tethering-too.”
  • You sang through all of Seven Wonders and displayed good command of the song- now it is time to have some fun with it!
  • We had our special guest, Tricia Cronin, teach dance moves to Seize the Day – you did a great job learning the dance, and you sounded great, too!
  • We sang Like a Singing Bird, and used the B section to practice our solfege singing.

Action Items for this Week:

  • Continue to listen to and review Seven Wonders(memorized by 04/28) – please go over all the sections in 3-part harmony very carefully (mm 30-38, mm 72-80,  mm 96-104)! Review by singing your line in solfege and take note of all dynamic markings in the score – we will be applying all of them next week, and adding various colors and moods to create contrast between the different “wonders.”
  • Listen to and review Wild Mountain Thyme(this should be memorized) – please go over all the sections in 2 and 3-part harmony very carefully! Please focus on having taller vowels and feeling constant flow of breath and energy in these long phrases. Pick a new flower to smell each time!
  • Listen to and review Ratlin’ Bog(memorized by 04/21)
  • Listen to and review Like a Singing Bird – continue singing the B section in solfege and paint these long phrases in the air as you sing them. (memorized by 04/28)
  • Keep reviewing Un Lorito de Verapaz- you are singing this in the concert with Prep 3!
  • Review all the moves to Seize the Day – the video has been sent to your parents!
  • Listen to Give Us Hopeand Come and Sing, two of our massed songs in the concert.

Musicianship A and B

Congratulations on completing your exams and your books! Next week, you will be taking a brief sight-singing test with Laney, during your regular musicianship time. This will be only 5 minutes long, and you will be sight-singing something familiar. You can prepare by singing through all the sight-reading examples in your musicianship books. Please also be prepared to identify the key and time signature of the excerpt you are singing, and to sing the diatonic triad in solfege.

Trivia Answer: Vair (from Latin varius “variegated”) is a fur, and a set of patterns in heraldry. It represents a kind of fur common in the Middle Ages. Vair is the second-most common fur in heraldry, after ermine.


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