September 24, 2015/Rehearsal #5

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September 29, 2015
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September 29, 2015

September 24, 2015/Rehearsal #5

Greetings Intermediate Singers,

Many thanks for a good rehearsal this week, in spite of the heat! After 5 weeks of rehearsal, you have made great strides, and it has been so fun building our friendships and community through name games and dancing.

Trivia Question: What is the name of the very popular Israeli dance, commonly performed at weddings and celebrations?

Rehearsal Reminders:

  • For Intermediate A, the first 30 minutes of rehearsal are devoted to musicianship, and reviewing the theory pages you worked on during the week. Please arrive by 4:55 pm so we can start right on time.
  • Please always bring your theory book or pages, your music binder, and a water bottle
  • Please always come to rehearsal with a focused and positive attitude, ready to feel the joy of communal singing and music-making!
  • Intermediate Honors have Musicianship from 7:10-7:40 – we will always have a nice 10 min break between rehearsal and musicianship class!

This week,watch and listen to:

Please work on the following:.

  • Bidi Bom – continue singing the d minor scale and review the new harmonies we added yesterday: Measures 5-8 for Part 1 singers, and measures 42-46 for Part 2 Singers – continue our stomp-clap-stomp stomp-clap percussion as you practice it this week!
  • Circle ‘Round the Moon: Continue singing the D major scale in solfege, and reviewing measures 41-45 and 58-64, and studying the sections which are Call and Response, namely “In the ground below” (measure 29) and “flurry blizzard snow” (measure 46) Please also study the Dynamic Markings in the score.
  • If the Snow Could Sing: Please look for all the sections which split into 2-part harmony and circle them, so we can focus on them next week. Also focus on all the sections which are marked with a Fermata and what vowel shape we should elongate (for instance “hush belowthe [o] vowel is elongated
  • Continue reviewing Winter Changes, prefacing your work with this song by singing through the F Major Scale, also incorporating Low la and Low sol, which you were all so good at identifying in the song yesterday. Please write the solfege into page 2 and practice singing it, both on words, and solfege syllables

All the songs are off to a wonderful start – you will notice that we often extract little sections of songs before piecing the entire song together – always focus on the sections we worked on throughout the week, but also do your best to read through the entire song to gain an idea of its structure and layout. Whenever we add motions in rehearsal (skipping, stepping, clapping, snapping) always incorporate these in your work at home – moving as we sing is the best way to build our musicality and vocal freedom!

Musicianship: Next week both Intermediate A and Honors will complete their rhythmic dictations (in your binders), and follow up with a game of Rhythm Maestro, some rhythmic improvisation, and more sight-singing.You can continue preparing for this by going through your music and clapping and counting the rhythms of your songs! Please remember to work on your Book assignments this week, which should be pages 17-20, or see the pages below for those of you who have completed the book.

Here is a link to The Syncopated Clock for Book 3 Supplemental

Trivia Answer: The Horah, is a type of circle dance founded in the the small Israeli town of Zichron Ya’akov.

Have a great weekend!


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