September 17, 2015/Rehearsal #4

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September 29, 2015
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September 29, 2015

September 17, 2015/Rehearsal #4

Greetings, Intermediate Singers,

Thank you for another great rehearsal this week! Every week you return to rehearsal having made great strides, and I am so appreciative of your hard work and amazing energy throughout our rehearsal – please keep up the good work!

We have reached a point we are focusing a lot on singing in 2-part harmony – even many of our opening warm-ups. This means that half of you are singing Part 1 (often the higher, more melodic line) and half of you are singing Part 2 (sometimes lower, and more harmonic line). I do not like to classify these parts as Soprano and Alto just yet, as many of the parts have the same vocal range, and it you are still a bit too young to be placed in a vocal classification – so do not be surprised if you are switched between part 1 and 2 throughout the year in order to broaden your musicianship and singing abilities.


Our new warm-up for the week was “Someone’s Swipin’ My Soda Pop Can.” This is an excellent tool for singing in harmony, as well as creating a lovely tone in the “ah” section for part 1. Please sing this warm-up through out the week (it is attached) and practice singing both Part 1 and part 2. Step to the beat, and pat to the off-beat! Come up with new drinks for us to swipe next week!


Music Alone Shall Live is sounding stunning in 2-part harmony. Next week, we will split into three circles to create 3-part harmony, so please spend the week singing this song and performing the movement, as the movement helps us focus on our part while other parts sing around us! Hine ma tov is also sounding hauntingly beautiful, though it requires more practice before we can truly enjoy the harmonies. Please continue to sing this at home, prefacing this with practicing the d minor scale.


It was lovely to finally dive into Winter Changes, which has some challenging intervals, but is really a stunning song portraying winter memories. Please preface your work with this song by singing through the F Major Scale, also incorporating Low la and Low sol, which you were all so good at identifying in the song yesterday. Please write the solfege into page 1 and practice singing it both on words, and solfege syllables.

We will be ready to start If the Snow Could Sing next week. Please continue listening to the recording here: If the Snow Could Sing, and taking note of all the places where we split into harmony. I look forward to hearing more stories of your snow experiences!

Circle ‘Round the Moon:

Please continue singing through the D major scale at home, and in particular at the two sections in the song where Parts 1 and 2 appear in 3rds, namely measures 41-45, (‘Pale moon”) and again on the last page in measure 58 (“Snowy night”). The other two sections I would like you to study are those which appear in Call and Response, namely “In the ground below” (measure 29) and “flurry blizzard snow” (measure 46).


Next week both Intermediate A and Honors will be focusing on rhythmic dictation, meaning I will play a series of rhythms which you will write. We will preface this by playing a game of Rhythm Maestro. You can prepare for this by going through your music and clapping and counting the rhythms of your songs! Please remember to work on your Book assignments this week, which should be pages 13-16.

For those of you who have completed books, I have supplied three separate sets of work for you: Book 1 Supplemental is for those who finished Book 1, Book 2 Supplemental is for those who have finished Book 2, and Book 3 Supplemental is for those who have finished Book 3. These packets are attached for you to print out and work on at home. Please bring your completed sheets to rehearsal on Thursday, and as always, contact me with any questions you might have.

I look forward to another wonderful rehearsal next week. Have a lovely weekend.



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