Rehearsal # 15/ November 30th

November 29, 2017/Rehearsal #15
December 1, 2017
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December 15, 2017

Rehearsal # 15/ November 30th

Greetings, Intermediate Singers,

I am so proud and pleased by your hard work this week, in both our dress rehearsal and in rehearsal last night. As we continue to strive towards a beautiful, healthy, and unified sound, you are rising to many challenges while staying focused and determined! Keep up the good work, even in the next two days; practice all your songs daily, stand in front of a mirror and check your feet and alignment. Sing to your reflection and be sure your face emotes the message of the song.  Have fun, and know your performance will bring great joy to your audience.

Practice Notes for Friday/Saturday/Sunday


  • Recall that our tempo is faster now, with more direction and momentum. Tap a fast beat on your palm while singing the song and take note of the places where you want to slow down – keep it moving.
  • Remember to sing through and enunciate all the consonants which fall in the middle of a word or phrase. Acknowledging these important parts of the text will keep the breath moving and make your diction much clearer.
  • Recall all the contrasting dynamics – when we suddenly switch from mf to mp – these moments should be dramatic and meaningful – picture my smaller gesture to depict a softer dynamic, and my large gesture to depict a louder dynamic.
  • Think about the final “ooh” vowel which should be snowball-sized, spinning, and lovely.
  • Please watch carefully during our final phrase when there is a dramatic ritardando – allow ME to guide the tempo.
  • Invite the audience to share the wonder of this song with your face and body – express the miracle of the story!
  • Continue to review your parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Blustery Day

  • Take note of all consonants which fall in the middle of words or phrases – enunciate them while singing through the phrase with a nice legato line. Good diction will make the song so much more exciting!
  • Express the excitement of drama of the song with your words and facial expression, but keep your singing simple and connected to the breath. Practice singing the song at “half volume” as you did yesterday, and translate that same ease to singing in full voice with great expression!
  • Please respond to my gestures – my tempo changes and dynamic changes. In particular the word “say” in “what do you say?” is starting much too loud. Small conducting gestures indicate a softer dynamic. Please remember this!
  • Watch this video for inspiration!

Unending Flame by Paul Carey

  1. Use this recording to see if you can sing your part independently.
  2. Continue to practice the clapping in this song.  Hands come up the first time you sing the word “clap” and stay up until the piano interlude.  Slowly bring them down at measure 80.  Bring your right hand back up at measure 94 to clap again.  At the end, remember to hold hands together at the end, holding the arms up until I cue you to bring them down.  All claps are performed by bringing the right hand up and reaching the left hand across your body to clap on the right hand.  Hands are always a straight blade.

Peter, Go Ring-A Dem Bells arr. Jeffery Ames

  1. Here is the recording of of the full performance of this song.
  2. Review and think about the meaning and importance of the text.  Put yourself in the shoes of the people who would have sung this song and how you would feel singing the words from their perspective.

Most Wonderful Time

Listen to these sing along songs for review!

  • Listen to this recording and see if you sing your part independently, while performing the steps, claps and motions!
Holidays With Cantabile Concert Information
Where: California Theatre, San Jose.  Drop off at the Artists’ Entrance on Market Street, just South of San Carlos Street.
When: Sunday, December 3rd
Call Time: 5:15pm  Check out will be in the lobby after the concert has completed. Please note that being late, even by just 10 minutes, greatly diminishes your singer’s ability to feel calm and settled in the venue.  Being on time is one of the best ways that you can support your singer in being able to give their best performance on Sunday.
Clothing:  Full Concert Attire.
For girls: Red Cantabile polo shirt (tucked in), black pleated skirt, black tights, plain black flats, hair neatly pulled back (ponytail, braid etc.)
For boys: Red Cantabile polo shirt (tucked in), black dress pants, black dress socks, black dress shoes, hair neat
Attendance: If you are running late on Sunday, please CALL or TEXT Esther at (650) 906-1336.
Volunteers: Jazmine is still in need of volunteers for this event.  If you’re able to help us out, please sign up here.  Remember – chaperones don’t need to buy a ticket to the show!
Tickets: There are still a few tickets left to purchase.  You can buy tickets online up until 3:00pm on Sunday afternoon, or in person at the box office starting at 1:00pm on Sunday afternoon.
I greatly look forward to seeing you at the theater! Keep practicing and get plenty of rest before the concert. Do not hesitate to email with questions –
See you on Sunday!

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