October 8/ Rehearsal # 7

Monday, October 5, 2015/Rehearsal #5
October 7, 2015
Week of October 9/ Class #5
October 9, 2015

October 8/ Rehearsal # 7

Greetings Intermediate Singers,

Thank you for your hard work and focus yesterday. We had to spend a lot of time on just a few songs, but this is the sort of work we will need to do in the coming weeks, as we refine and polish for our Holidays With Cantabile concert.

Trivia Question: “Durme Durme” is the title of a song we are starting next week – it is the Sepharic word for one of my favorite activities. What do you think it is? 🙂

Rehearsal Reminders:

  • Please remember to always have your binder and theory book at rehearsal! A few singers still came without these items yesterday.
  • Please also always bring a water bottle, which you are free to drink from almost anytime throughout rehearsal
  • Remember to hand your theory assignment to Simon right at the start of rehearsal – during so in the middle is disruptive to your rehearsing.

This week, watch and listen to the following:

Important work: Study and memorize Bidi Bom, If the Snow Could Sing and Circle ‘Round the Moon – listen to your part (attached below) and know it well!

Other points for this week:

  • Bidi Bom: Please practice the fast section in the final two pages – keep your voice light and energized, always supported by the breath, and maintaining a focus through the ends of the phrases.
  • Winter Changes: Everyone must write the solfege into the remaining pages of their score. We will start with this song next week, and Simon, Katie and I will walk the room to check your work. Continue referring to the  F Major Scale, and all that we have worked on in rehearsal, to guide you through.

Nice work in your new rows. Please remember this is our formation for the rest of the semester, leading up to the concert. We will still start in a circle, which should always be in boy-girl order. Our goal for next week is to form this circle quietly and quickly as soon as rehearsal begins.

Musicianship: I am really happy with your sight-singing work, and the lovely sound you are creating as you sing through a number of canons.

Next week, Intermediate A will continue with sight-singing, going over Dynamic Markings in music, and 2-3 rounds of Rhythm Gossip. For next week, please complete pages 25-28, or the supplementary work below.

Intermediate Honors will sight-sing some new canons, go over a number of Time Signatures, and play some rounds of Rhythm Gossip! For next week, please complete pages 25-28, or the supplementary work below.

Here is a link to The Syncopated Clock for Book 1 Supplemental

Trivia Answer: “Durme Durme” means “Sleep, Sleep!”

Have a great weekend!




Book 1 Supplemental Book 2 Supplemental Book 3 Supplemental



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