October 29th/ Rehearsal # 10

October 26, 2015/Rehearsal #8
October 29, 2015
Week of October 29/Class #8
October 30, 2015

October 29th/ Rehearsal # 10

Greetings Intermediate Singers,

Thank you for your amazing hard work and focus in rehearsal this week. We have been getting through so much music, and in the coming weeks we will take a step back to remind ourselves of the stories, history, and images related to each song you are singing. This will be what you need in order to truly connect to the music, and to sing from your soul! Please take time to read through all your song text and translations, and come next week with your own thoughts and ideas about what each song means to you.

Trivia Question:  As a child, which Classical composer cut off the pigtails of a fellow choir member as a practical joke?

This week, watch and listen to the following:

  • Durme, Durme – please do so whilst following along in your score, and remember that “i”  (which is the word “the”) is pronounced like “eee.”
  • Mi burrito sabanero
  • Winter Changes – even if you are memorized, follow in your score as you listen, and look for all the places where the music slows down (rit.) or pauses (fermata  )
  • Give Us Hope – have this memorized as soon as possible!

Important work: Continue to study and memorize Bidi Bom, If the Snow Could Sing and Circle ‘Round the Moon – listen to your part (attached below) and know it well! Remember that the art of singing in 2-part harmony demands that we sing our part with strength and accuracy, but that we do not oversing simply to be heard – if everyone sings pure and unified vowels, with a supported breath cycle and accurate pitches, you should be able to sing a wide variety of dynamics, from pianissimo to fortissimo!

Musicianship: Please remember the Musicianship Exam is on Thursday November 12th. Based upon our review today, I think both A and Honors will do a great job! Continue preparing by completing your musicianship assignments, and logging into this site for additional study. Each class should focus on the following:

Intermediate A

Complete pages 37-40 this week – and you will be done with the book!

Study these concepts for the test:

  • Identify 2nds, 3rds and octaves
  • Name all the notes of the keyboard
  • Name all the notes of the treble staff, with accidentals
  • Differentiate whole and half steps
  • Identify C and G major, both key signature and solfege
  • Identify simple meters (2/4, 3/4 and 4/4)
  • Write in counts for rhythms in those meters
  • Identify and explain basic vocabulary
    • Different note values
    • Dynamics

Intermediate Honors

Complete pages 37-40 this week – and you will be done with the book!

Study these concepts for the test:

  • All of the concepts above
  • Identify and explain time signatures with 8 on the bottom
  • Write a major scale (C, G, and F major)
  • Write in counts for rhythms including 16th notes
  • Increased vocabulary (added tempos and articulation markings)

Trivia Answer: Joseph Haydn  – now don’t get any ideas!

Have a great weekend, and Happy Halloween!



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