Intermediate Blog # 4 Thursday September 14th

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September 15, 2017
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Intermediate Blog # 4 Thursday September 14th

Greetings, Intermediate Singers!

I missed you last night, but I heard you had a great, albeit brief rehearsal. Thank you to all the parents who made it out to the orientation, and to Aria for bringing such a stunning performance. Thank you for your hard work, and thanks to Lori for conducting your rehearsal for the past two weeks. I look forward to hearing the fruits of your labor next week! Keep up the great work and positive energy!

Trivia Questions: One of our newest songs is Amani by Jim Papoulis. Which two languages are featured in the song, and what do the words mean?

Reminders and Information:

  • ACDA Honor Choir: The American Choral Directors Association Western Division Conference is being held in Pasadena, March 14-17, 2018.  Cantabile Singers in grades 6-12 can audition for several honor choirs to be held during the conference.  These honor choirs are “mountain-top” experiences for young singers, conducted by leading choral conductors from around the country.  The audition deadline is October 13th, so act quickly!  More information and links to the ACDA Western Division website here: National Honor Choir Auditions 2018

Action Items

Posture Rap

  • It’s time to improve our singing posture! Please work on memorizing Rollo Dilworth’s Posture Rap, with the specified motions and practice in front of the mirror. Remember, good singing posture is not about tension, but rather about being open, focused, alert, and ready to sing.

  • It’s time to improve our breathing! Find a scarf or light piece of material big enough to tie around the middle of your ribcage area – as your breathe in, feel the scarf tighten, due to the expansion of your ribcage. Try this several times, whilst performing these simple patterns below – try two at a time before breathing:

  • Do the same breath work while singing some phrases from one of our songs – every breath is a release and expansion, followed by slow exhalation on vowel and voice, then the cycle of expansion begins again.

Canons and Partner Songs

  • Review the song and movement for Hine ma tov.  We will be singing this in small groups in the coming weeks!
  • Review Yonder Come Day, with body percussion. Take note of the spoken chants we have not yet added – see if you can learn at home and come ready to perform next week!

Unending Flame

  • Listen while following along with your score, and review what you learned with Lori!
  • Step to the beat of the different tempos – where do they occur in the score (including page number and measure number)?

Peter Go Ring-A Dem Bells

  • Sing the F major scale, adding in the flat 3rd (a-flat, or me) and flat 7 (e-flat or teh/tah) – do you remember where those notes occur in the song?
  • Review your part, which often appears in Call and Response.
  • Please take note of these sections, which are similar, and easy to confuse with one another: mm 27-34 and mm. mm. 44- 52.
  • Watch and listen to the song, while following along in your score, taking note of the final fast section, which we did not begin on Thursday.
  • Extend your listening by stepping to the beat of the four different tempos, which occur on pages 2,4,10 and 12.


  • Continue to feel the long phrases which we created with the bouncing ball – use tall and beautiful vowel shapes for all the sustained notes, particularly a beautiful [u] vowel or “oooh” on the word “Arruru”.
  • Study all the repeats in the song, which are numerous, to help you understand the overall structure of the piece.
  • Listen to Parts 1 and 2 and learn your part for our next rehearsal:

Part 1

Part 2

Peace on earth….and lots of little crickets

  • Please speak the text of the song in rhythm, watching carefully to fix the mistakes you found with Lori last night! If the ties are confusing, take them out and count the rhythm without the ties. We will add them in next week.
  • Watch and listen to the song, while following along in your score.
  • Part 2, review your harmonies starting in measure 57.
  • Part 1, take note of your harmonies which begin in measure 47.

Blustery Day

  • Listen to the mp3 while following along in your score – maintain the 6/8 vs. 3/4 beat pattern:
  • Please take note of the pitches in measure 51 “what do you say?” Note the difference in measure 55, which has the same text but different pitch material.
  • Take note of ending consonants and work on enunciating them: The final “t” in “retreat,” “d” in “wind,” “t” in “hat,” and “k” in “back.”
  • Practice alternating between 6/8 and 3/4 using the body percussion patterns. Remember, you are alternating between 2 and 3!
  • Speak the text like a poem.
  • Watch and listen to the song, while following along in your score.



Part Allocations

Part 1: Kahaan, Sarah R., Asha, Anika, Sarah C., Sunayna, Adelaide, Kasmira, Ellie, Katelyn, Nika, Alison, Ashwin, Sara W., Josie, Pascal, Sophie, Kitty, Montana

Part 2: Julian, Naveli, Aiden, Kayla, Claire, Emily, Maya, Gabriel, Vivana, Arun, Elisabeth, Jacob, May, Millie, Stefan, Kiara, Anthony, Raghav, Claire

Please recall:

  • Vowel Shapes: Oooh, Oh, Ahh, Eh Eeeh, and the motions we made to emphasize the shape of the vowel and how it’s produced. Always release and breathe between phrases!
  • Tell Me About the Stars in Space – listen for the flat 7th, which we have in many of our songs!

  • Sing-EE-Sing-EH-Sing-AH: Be sure to engage the back of the tongue to create the “ng” sound and to also create more space for a resonant sound!
  • Review all our movement-based activities: Zacody Cody, Gimme 1,2,3, Pata Pata, from South Africa, and Yonder Come Day


Musicianship A Assignment

  • Singers who are starting Book 1 should complete pages 13-16
  • Singers who are halfway through Book 1 should complete pages 26-27
  • Singers in Book 2 should complete pages 7-8

Musicianship B Assignment

  • Please complete pages 7-8

Advanced Intermediate Assignment

  • Please complete the Advanced Musicianship Sight-Singing HOMEWORK handed out in class last night.
  • It’s time to start composing with Noteflight! Please stay tuned for an email about log-in information. New composers should watch these tutorials: Noteflight Tutorial One, and Noteflight Tutorial Two. All Advanced singers should familiarize themselves with the website by reproducing/copying the above E-flat major sight-singing excerpt into a New Score – please use treble staff for your instrument. It will be a great tool in learning how to compose with dotted notes, natural signs, and other additions to the basic score. Returning Noteflight composers (Stefan and Anthony) can further this assignment by adding a bass part with appropriate diatonic triads from the E-flat major scale.

Trivia Answer: Amani features a combination of French and Swahili texts, and it means “Sing strongly for peace, Sing for peace throughout the world, With one voice we sing together!”

Have a lovely weekend!



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