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Intermediate Blog # 13 November 16th

Greetings, Intermediate Singers!

Thank you for your great work last night! Please keep up the good work by reviewing your blogs, practicing at home, and listening to your recordings – let’s make this performance spectacular!

Next week, in observance of Thansgiving, there is NO Intermediate Rehearsal. Please see the end of this blog for very important information about our upcoming dress rehearsal and concert! 

Rep Recap and Action Items

Peter Go Ringa Dem Bells
  • As you practice this week, practice standing with good singing posture (weight balanced on both feet which are flat on the floor, shoulders back and down, head high, arms down at sides) and picking one focus point to keep your eyes on for the entire song.
  • Then, remember not to get too loud too soon in the song – the song should gradually build from a soft dynamic to the big, exciting end.
  • Also, when you sing forte, be sure to keep an open throat and not scoop into the notes.
  • Continue to listen to your part:
Unending Flame
  • As you practice, picture Lori conducting you and remember where you’re not supposed to break the line by taking a breath.  In those places where you have to carry through long phrases, add a little crescendo to the places you are tempted to breath.  For example, between the words “past” and “burn” in measure 16.
  • Also practice the claps with your hands straight like blades, with your left arm crossing over to the right side of your body to meet your right hand which should be straight up in the air.
  • Remember to hold your hands together after the final clap and wait for Lori’s cue to bring them back down to your sides.
  • Listen to this recording while following along with your score – take note of the instruments and their colors and how your voices will also change colors in these different sections.

Blustery Day

  • Speak through the entire text of the song and enunciate your consonants – don’t force the sound, but feel the support and energy from your tummy when you phonate sounds such as “t,” “k,” “s,” and “d.”
  • Focus on singing “crown” and “down” with a nice tall “ah” vowel and do not worry so much about the crescendo, as it is still causing you to “press” your sound and “over-sing.”  Alternatively, think more of a beautiful sound that blends with those around you.
  • Places you need to review are measures 16, 17 and 27 and 68.
  • Continue to study the difference between the two notes you song for the word “wind.” Study mm. 27 and 47.
  • Also study measures 50 and 54 – “Hey blustery DAY” still wants to be incorrect – the first “day” is an A, the second is an E!
  • WATCH this video to see how poised and engaged the singers are in their performance! Can you practice standing the same way in front of the mirror?


  • Please note all the dynamic contrasts and remember to keep the swing and beat moving even when you sing a softer dynamic or “echo.” Soft does NOT = slow!
  • Part 2, please review your harmonies throughout the entire song, and let them soar! Particularly the places we “leaned on”: “Win-taahr,” “dis-tahnt” and “new-bohrn.”
  • Make the story come alive! Enunciate the words even in legato and connected singing. Picture something beautiful and special to rock to sleep.
  • Continue to listen to your part:

Part 1

Part 2


  • Continue to review the pronunciation:

Listen to your part:

 Part 1

Listen and song along to these sing along songs for the concert:

Class Schedules for Thanksgiving Week

No classes (Ensemble, and Prep 1, Prep 2, and Voice Class) will meet on either Wednesday or Thursday.  Additionally, the office will be closed Wednesday, November 22nd through Sunday, November 26th.

Holidays with Cantabile Dress Rehearsal Information

Please eat a nourishing and substantial snack beforehand!

Location: California Theatre (345 South First Street San Jose 95113)

Call Time for Intermediate: 4:30pm

Release Time: 6:45pm

Drop off location: Singers will be dropped off at the curb on the Artist’s Entrance: East side of Market Street, just south of the Hilton Hotel.

Pick Up: Singers will be picked up in the back lobby of the California Theater, off of Market Street.  Please plan on parking your car and coming inside to check out your singer.

Attire: Full Concert Dress:

Black pleated skirt with black tights for girls, black dress pants and black socks for boys, red Cantabile polo shirt, black flat dress shoes.  No accessories.

Please bring with you: Music Binder, Water Bottle (with your name on it), Pencil. A snack will be provided.

Holidays with Cantabile Concert Information

Location: California Theatre (345 South First Street San Jose 95113)

Call Time for Intermediate: 5:15

Drop off location: Singers will be dropped off at the curb on the Artist’s Entrance: East side of Market Street, just south of the Hilton Hotel.

Check Out: Check out will happen in designated areas throughout the theater, after the concert has completed.

Attire: Full Concert Dress for all choirs: see above.

Please make sure you eat a good dinner before coming to the concert.

Please bring with you: Water Bottle (with your name on it)

Holidays with Cantabile Tickets Now On Sale

Please visit the Cantabile website to buy your tickets today – they are going quickly!  Additionally, we need your help in filling the hall, so invite your extended family, friends, teachers, and neighbors today!

Binder Collection!

Please make sure and bring your binder with you on Thursday, Nov 30th as we will be collecting them to give you new music for the following semester.

End Of Semester/Last Rehearsal Dates

Please note that we will not have any more rehearsals after the Holidays with Cantabile concert on Sunday, December 3rd.  Please refer to your calendars for your first rehearsal dater after the 1st of the New Year.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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