Intermediate Blog # 11 November 2nd

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November 3, 2017
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November 3, 2017

Intermediate Blog # 11 November 2nd

Greetings, Intermediate Singers,

Thank you for a focused and productive rehearsal last night. We achieved a lot of detailed work and I loved seeing you show so much expression and stage presence as we enter the polishing stages of our music. Please keep up the good work!

Call Times for TOMORROW’S Fall Rehearsal

Please note that call times for the Fall Rehearsal on Saturday, November 4th have changed and are earlier than previously scheduled.  Your call time is 9:45 AM and you must arrive in your Cantabile Red Polo, jeans, and tennis shoes/sneakers

Please arrive in the back parking lot (off of Byron St) for check in.  A friendly reminder that the concert is scheduled for 1pm, and you will be done by 2pm.  The rehearsal and concert are held at First United Methodist Church, Palo Alto: 625 Hamilton Ave.

Holidays with Cantabile Tickets Now On Sale

Please visit the Cantabile website to buy your tickets today – they are going quickly!

Holidays with Cantabile Information Coming MONDAY 11/6
Please keep an eye out for information that will be emailed home to you on Monday, 11/6.  This will include information about your call and release times, drop off and pick up information, and volunteer sign-ups for our Dress Rehearsal (Tues 11/28) and Holidays with Cantabile Concert (Sun 12/3).

Repertoire, Recap and Action Items

  • We became focused with our bodies and minds with Rhythm Blocks!
  • We had different students lead vocal sighs and rollercoasters!
  • We had different students lead our vowel warm-up:

  • We learned a new warm-up that encouraged light and legato singing, along with  some tongue-twister words!

  • We reviewed Lil’ Liza Jane with body percussion to share with our parents at the workshop!

Peter, Go Ringa Dem Bells

  • You made great progress on this song last night!  Let’s maintain that and be ready to make it even better next week by focusing on the following:
  • PART 1 – we initially learned the notes on beat 4 of measure 9 incorrectly (the place where we are supposed to repeat “Do” on “o-ver yonder.”  That is why we spent so much time on it last night – once you get a pattern in your ear incorrectly, it requires great focus and intention to fix and sing correctly.  Please commit to practicing this phrase many times this week – the repetition is essential!
  • EVERYONE – remember the wonderful emotions you said should be conveyed when singing this song:  joy, excitement, happiness, hope.  Feel these emotions as you practice and watch yourself in the mirror – do your face and body reflect the emotion?  Remember, your audience will be a good distance away from you, so you will need to show emotions bigger than you would in every-day life.  Finally, I noticed that the last section of the song (p. 13-end) was a little shaky in pitch, rhythm and memorization.  Concentrate on that section for accuracy and repeat often for memorization.
  • Continue to listen to your part:

Soprano 1

Soprano 2 (Soprano in 2-part sections)

Soprano 2 (Alto in 2-part sections



  • This is sounding lovely, and reached a new level last night. You captured the simplicity and gentle rocking of the song, while illuminating the special words with your facial expression, your bodies, and your intentions.
  • Continue to sway in 2 as you practice the song at home – it is a playful sway, not to slow, and certainly not plodding along.
  • All the words which end in the “ooh” vowel – “Je-SUS” “Ar-ru-RU” should have a beautiful color and round shape, supported by the breath, always spinning.
  • Remember to watch me for cut-offs so your ending consonants can be well synchronized.
  • Create an image that gives you joy when singing this song – make it come alive for your audience to enjoy!
  • Continue to review your vocal part:

Part 1

Part 2

Blustery Day 

  • This sounded great last night. Please watch me at all times and be mindful to not “over-sing.” The intensity of this song is already in the composition – singing loudly will only detract from its beauty, and from the text.
  • Practice this song in front of the mirror and see if your face and body language align with the intensity of the song.
  • Last week we worked on keeping the momentum going throughout this song, without taking “mental breaks” that will slow you down in key places!
  • Continue to review the crescendo in “down” and “crown,” and work to blend your voice with others, rather than “over-singing.” Engage your body to support high, sustained notes, and think more about a beautiful sound and a tall vowel, rather than a loud sound.
  • Places you need to work on are measures 16, 17 and 27 and 68.
  • Continue to study the difference between the two notes you song for the word “wind.” Study mm. 27 and 47.
  • Also study measures 50 and 54 – “Hey blustery DAY” is consistently incorrect – the first “day” is an A, the second is an E!
  • Continue to use your body and various gestures to shape phrases during your practice, particularly for various final consonant cut-offs, and opening your arms for crescendos.
  • You are mastering the difference between 6/8 and 3/4, as well as the difference between dividing the 2 beats in each 6/8 measure into three and two. Continue to review this concept at home!
  • Listen to the mp3 while following along in your score – maintain the 6/8 vs. 3/4 beat pattern:

Unending Flame

  • Singers, please continue to practice Unending Flame on your own at home.  We will work on this song together with Ensemble tomorrow in our combined rehearsal.
  • Pay special attention to the things we work on and incorporate them into your practice throughout the week.
  • Listen to the same recording as last week, while following along with your score – take note of the instruments and their colors and how your voices will also change colors in these different sections.


  • Nice job singing through this last night – the harmonies are settling, and you are capturing the rhythmic energy of the song!
  • Continue to review the pronunciation below, and PLEASE remember the pronunciation of “de”:
  • Please listen to your part this week:

Part 1

Part 2

 Musicianship A

  • Mid-year exams are coming up on Thursday November 16th. Please review all your completed book pages, taking special note of the sections that required comments and corrections. Review these concepts for the test:

Written Skills

  • Identify and explain time signatures with 8 on the bottom
  • Write a major scale (C, G, and F major)
  • Write in counts for rhythms including 16th notes
  • Increased vocabulary (added tempos and articulation markings)

Aural Skills:

  • Sing a diatonic scale (C, G, and F major)
  • Sing a tonic triad (in solfege)
  • Take simple dictation in C, G, and F major
  • Identify whole and half steps
  • Sight read melodies in C, G, and F major

Musicianship B

  • Mid-year exams are coming up on Thursday November 16th. Please review all your completed book pages, taking special note of the sections that required comments and corrections. Please complete the practice test you took home last night. Review these concepts for the test:

Written Skills

  • All Intermediate A Skills
  • Identify all major key signatures up to four flats and four sharps
  • Know the order of sharps and flats
  • Identify and write all diatonic intervals
  • Write in counts for rhythms with mixed sixteenth and eighth notes

Aural Skills

  • All Intermediate A skills
  • Sight read in keys up to two sharps or flat
  • Do simple dictation in those keys
  • Identify intervals
  • Sing a tonic, subdominant, and dominant 7 triads (on solfege)

Advanced Musicianship

  • Continue to work on sight-singing in a variety of major key signatures with the help of this SHEET.
  • Be prepared to complete a melodic dictation in any key with up to four sharps or four flats.
  • Review diatonic intervals

Have a great weekend, and see you tomorrow!

Katie and Lori

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