Thursday May 12/Rehearsal # 18

Week of May 6th/Class # 13
May 6, 2016
Week of May 13/ Class # 14
May 13, 2016

Thursday May 12/Rehearsal # 18

Greetings, Intermediate Singers,

Thank you for a great dress rehearsal tonight – it truly displayed all the hard work and progress you have made this year, and also reminded us of what must be improved before Saturday. 🙂 Please take time to review all songs and choreography before the big concert! You will shine!!

All Choir Concert – CONCERT
Saturday, May 14 at First United Methodist Church, Palo Alto
Concert at 1 PM
Singer Call Time: 11:30 AM

Binders: For those of you who have not returned your binders, please bring to the concert!

Uniforms: Arrive wearing full concert uniform – red polo shirts tucked into black pants/skirts with black tights and ALL-BLACK shoes-no white socks or tights, please – all black! Please, no bracelets, necklaces, watches, or jewelry of any kind. Hair must be neat and away from the face.

Food: Please eat a hearty meal beforehand and bring a nutritious and filling snack to eat backstage!

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Action Items for Saturday

Continue to practice, listen to and review all your concert songs – take special care to practice your part when it splits into 2 and 3-part harmony! Remember, all the songs need to be reviewed very thoroughly tomorrow and Saturday morning! Every last bit of practice helps!

  • Seven Wonders – review all the lyrics and remember too add laughter, bells and Irish whimsy to your singing!
  • Wild Mountain Thyme – review the form: Verse/Unison Chorus/Verse/2-part Chorus/Verse/3-part Chorus
  • Like a Singing Bird – review your part, remembering that everyone sings Part 3 in the last section
  • Un Lorito de Verapaz  – review the Spanish, and the dynamics!
  • Seize the Day – review the movements – you are the stars of the show!
  • Ratlin’ Bog – please review all harmonies and remember the joviality of this song  – it is fun!!!
  • El Pambiche Lento – review your part and dance while you sing!
  • Give Us Hope – sing, and study the tempo changes and dynamic contrast in your score.
  • Come and Sing – sing, and study the tempo changes and dynamic contrast in your score.

See you Saturday!



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