February 4th/ Rehearsal #5

February 1, 2016/Rehearsal #5
February 4, 2016
Week of February 5th/Class # 1
February 5, 2016

February 4th/ Rehearsal #5

Greetings, Intermediate Singers!

Thank you for a productive and fun rehearsal last night. We are well on our way with our Spring Concert repertoire, so please continue to work hard in rehearsal, and to review and practice all your songs at home.  Please remember that we will always have a mixture of different songs: Some are more accessible, fun, and catchy, and others are more challenging and require concentration and effort. Please embrace the challenges and believe in your abilities!

Trivia Question: Which instrument is the official symbol of Ireland?

Action items for this Week:

  • Continue listening to both pronunciation and music for our Latin American Songs: Un Lorito de Verapaz and Tres canciones de los Elementos. The recordings of the pronunciation provided by Maria are below.
  • Listen to Like a Singing Bird whilst following along in your music. Remember to look up all the words you don’t know, such as “halcyon,” “ vair” and “dais.”
  • Review Seven Wonders and be ready to finish learning this song next week.
  • Continue to memorize Wild Mountain Thyme.
  • Continue to work on your solfege handsigns, singing the major scale with the chromatics we worked on this week – FI, SI, LE and TE. Refer to the handsigns in your binder for review. You can also sing the opening phrases to Seize the Day in solfege!

Musicianship A: Nice work composing your own rhythms in pairs! This is not only a musical achievement, but the ability to collaborate and work with your peers is also very important – and fun! Next week, some of you will work with Simon on various pages in your books. We will continue alternating our musicianship classes in two groups from now on, in order to provide you with more individual support. If you have any musical questions, please have them ready for Simon next week! This week, please complete 13-15 in Book 2. Those of you who are finished with Book 2 should continue using https://www.musictheory.net/, and your completed books for study and review throughout the semester.

Musicianship B: Great job playing your animal polyrhythms – and singing “Come Follow,” in 3-part harmony. In the coming weeks, we will be working a lot on melodic dictation and sight-singing in the major keys F, B-flat, G, and, so please work hard to maintain your focus, even when it’s late at night – all these skills are important if you are to grow as singers and musicians, and will make learning music come much faster to you. This week, please complete pages 13-15 in Book 3. Those of you who are finished with Book 3 should continue using https://www.musictheory.net/, and your completed books for study and review throughout the semester.

Trivia Answer:  The Harp!

Have a great weekend, and see you next week!


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