November 12th/ Rehearsal # 12

November 11, 2015/Rehearsal #12
November 12, 2015
Week of November 13th/ Rehearsal # 10
November 13, 2015

November 12th/ Rehearsal # 12

Greetings, Intermediate Singers!

Thank you for a great rehearsal this week. We did some very intense practicing of your own songs for the Holidays With Cantabile concert – please keep up the great work, and work hard in preparation for our next rehearsal – we only have ONE rehearsal left before our dress rehearsal ON STAGE!

Action items for this week:

  • Invite more people to the holiday concert!

You received three postcards advertising our upcoming concert. Take them out of your folder and invite people! Think of all of the friends/family/teachers/coaches you can  invite and reach out! If you need more cards, contact Katie!

Everyone (excepting performers) needs a ticket. You can buy them here!

For our next rehearsal on November 19th

  •  Know your part cold for If the Snow Could Sing, Mi Burrito and Durme, Durme – we will be having small group memory checks for all three songs during Musicianship class. Part 2 in particular please listen to the recording of If the Snow Could Sing (below) to ensure you know those tricky harmonies – you are very close having it!!!
  • Continue to memorize the dynamics of these songs, and think about how each new dynamic marking relates to the text of the song. Express the phrasing and the rhythm of the words through paint strokes, violin and cello bowing, and chopping your veggies!
  • Please spend some time practicing in front of the mirror this week – have a tall and present posture, alert for singing, but also relaxed and confident. Hands at side, feet hip-width apart, and eyes focused on what’s ahead. It is time to get “stage-ready!”
  • Be prepared to sing through our entire program FROM MEMORY next week:

Circle ‘Round the Moon

Mi Burrito Sabanero

Winter Changes

If the Snow Could Sing

Bidi Bom

Durme Durme

We will also review our massed songs, Give Us Hope and The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I am also hoping to teach you a fun Israeli dance during our break – stay tuned!


  • Congratulations on completing your exam! For those of you who were absent yesterday, or still need to take the aural portion, we will be sure you take it next Thursday. There will also be a small treat next week, in celebration of your completed book and exam!
  • A note about the Honors Exam: Fedor made a good point that the definition of “half step” was not accurate – instead of reading “the smallest distance between two notes,” it should read “the smallest distance between two notes on the piano.” My apologies for this inaccuracy, and thank you to Fedor for his detailed musicianship!

Please work hard on your music this week! Have a great weekend, and see you Thursday! 



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