November 5th/Rehearsal #11

November 2, 2015/Rehearsal #9
November 6, 2015
Week of November 6/ Rehearsal # 9
November 6, 2015

November 5th/Rehearsal #11

Greetings, Intermediate Singers!

Thank you for a focused and good rehearsal this evening! We spent a lot of time preparing our massed songs for this Saturday’s rehearsal, concert, and potluck, and we are deep in preparations for our Holidays With Cantabile concert – please keep up the great work, I am really proud of you!

News and Reminders (many this week–please read them all)

  • Workshop, Concert, and Family Potluck is this Saturday!

Remember you MUST bring your binders on Saturday and wear your red Cantabile shirts- please see all additional information at the bottom of this post! 

  • Invite people to the holiday concert!

You received three postcards advertising our upcoming concert. Take them out of your folder and invite people! Think of all of the friends/family/teachers/coaches you can invite and reach out!

Everyone (excepting performers) needs a ticket. You can buy them here!

For next Thursday November 5

  • Finish memorizing Bidi Bom, If the Snow Could Sing, and Winter Changes
  • Please also memorize the dynamics of these songs, and think about how each new dynamic marking relates to the text of the song.
  • Memorize the first half of Mi Burrito Sabanero, through measure 56 – continue studying the pronunciation with the Mi burrito sabanero proununciation, and by speaking the text in rhythm while stepping to the beat!
  • Practice Durme, Durme while switching between the big “basketball beat” in the A section, and clapping the rhythm in the B section. Take care to study measures 7-14 – clap the rhythm, and speak the text! Also continue reading through the translation and pronunciation on the last page – remember, this is a haunting, beautiful lullaby!


Remember the Musicianship Exam is next Thursday November 12th. Based upon our review today, I think both A and Honors will do a great job! Continue preparing by completing your musicianship assignments, and logging into this site for additional study. Each class should focus on the following:

Intermediate A

Study these concepts for the test:

  • Identify 2nds, 3rds and octaves
  • Name all the notes of the keyboard
  • Name all the notes of the treble staff, with accidentals
  • Differentiate whole and half steps
  • Identify C and G major, both key signature and solfege
  • Identify simple meters (2/4, 3/4 and 4/4)
  • Write in counts for rhythms in those meters
  • Identify and explain basic vocabulary
    • Different note values
    • Dynamics

Intermediate Honors

Study these concepts for the test:

  • All of the concepts above
  • Identify and explain time signatures with 8 on the bottom
  • Write a major scale (C, G, and F major)
  • Write in counts for rhythms including 16th notes
  • Increased vocabulary (added tempos and articulation markings)


Volunteering at the Workshop, Concert and Family Potluck

We still need more volunteers to help set up the potluck lunch and clean up afterwards. Please sign up here!

– – –


When: Saturday, November 7

Where: First United Methodist Church in Palo Alto, 625 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto

Ensemble, Vocalise/Bravi and VTG: 9:30 am Call Time, Sign in and Potluck Drop Off in church parking lot
Intermediate: 10:30 am Call Time, Sign in and Potluck Drop Off in church parking lot
Parents arrive for concert: 12:00 pm
Potluck lunch: 1:00 pm

Our three performing choirs will spend the morning rehearsing their holiday repertoire together. After the rehearsal, parents and siblings are warmly invited to attend a short concert at noon and stay for a potluck lunch at 1 pm.

Ensemble, Vocalise/Bravi and VTG should wear their black Cantabile t-shirt, blue jeans and sneakers
Intermediate singers should wear their red Cantabile polo shirt, blue jeans and sneakers

Potluck Dishes 
Ensemble, Vocalise/Bravi and VTG Potluck Food Drop-off between 9:30-10:00 am 
Intermediate: Potluck Food Drop-off between 10:30-11:00 am 
All food should be brought prepared and ready to serve please. NO NUTS!!!!!! Please bring enough to serve at least 12 people:
Child’s Last Name A-I: bring Salad, Appetizer or Fruit dish – NO CHIPS OR CHEESE PLATTERS please!
Child’s Last Name J-R: bring a Main Dish or Entree
Child’s Last Name S-Z: bring a Dessert
Cantabile will supply all paper products, napkins and cutlery. Please bring your own water bottles & drinks.
Drop off and sign in will take place solely in the church parking lot, the parking lot entrance is on Byron St.
Sign out will take place after the concert in Fellowship Hall – please collect your singer and stand with them in line for the potluck – this will help the lines move much faster and we appreciate your support!


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