October 10 – Bravi/VTG Rehearsal #6

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October 8, 2016
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October 15, 2016

October 10 – Bravi/VTG Rehearsal #6

Hi, Bravi and VTG:

Thank you for your work last week — it was our longest, most intense rehearsal yet.  Longer rehearsals require a lot of focus, and will be increasingly common, so please prepare yourselves for them by being well-rested and practicing everything below!  The more we can get done in a focused rehearsal, the more you will enjoy the artistic product!  It’s a joy to make music with you in this way.

Action Items for next Monday
Practice EVERYTHING with metronome. Memorize tempi for each piece.
Memorization: Sing We Now of Christmas (half note = 90), Vindo (half note = 50-55), Amavolovolo (quarter note = ca. 116)
Allunde Alluya: Watch and listen to this performance from 2012. Learn the piece and choreography
Amavolovolo: practice movement, make it sharp and seamless
Sing We Now of Christmas: Learn the new last page (new parts/divisi)
O Come All Ye Faithful: Learn your parts!
Suo Gan: Learn the Welsh diction and solidify notes/parts in first verse

Concepts introduced and reviewed:
Internalizing and memorizing tempi for each piece
Diction: Welsh vowel colors, clarifying/purifying vowels in English
Articulation/Style: Matching diction and articulation with the character of each piece (crisp/energized for “Sing we Now”  vs. gentler/relaxed for “Suo Gan”

Allunde Alluya (for Holidays with Cantabile)
As you review the video above, strive to connect words with movement.  The piece is simple but will be used as a processional, so the form will be flexible based on what’s needed in the Theatre.  Practice the mirrored movements from both directions (right and left) so that you are comfortable in either position.  Flexibility is the name of the game!

Amavolovolo (for Holidays with Cantabile)
Review the choreography for this.  Remember that movements are to be contained within a relatively small area.  No huge steps!  Work on the moves separately from the music, then together.  They should be smooth and well integrated.

Sing We Now of Christmas (for Holidays with Cantabile and Dec. 8 gig with Aria)
Memorize the first three pages, and pay close attention to dynamics and cutoffs as you do so (m. 28, m. 30, m. 37, m. 57, and m. 79 in particular), so that musical subtleties are part of the memorization process. Also memorize the mood — this is a celebratory piece!  Set a metronome for your practice… we take a slightly slower tempo: half note = 90 (not 112, as the score says).  Re-learn the pitches for the final page, using the new copy given to you!  Remember that final cutoff must crescendo to the very end, with a decisive cutoff.

O Come All Ye Faithful (for the Dec. 8 gig with Aria at Parc Regent)
Review your parts for this.  Tenor 1’s, please sing lightly on the sustained high E in mm. 14 – 17.  You are only a pedal tone — the melody (Tenor 2) should be louder than you.  Please be sure you know your notes by next week.

Suo Gan (for Holidays with Cantabile and Dec. 8 gig with Aria)
Please review the Welsh diction recordings (both spoken and sung) as you learn your parts.  They will be emailed separately. When practicing diction (especially in an unfamiliar language), speak very slowly first, then speed it up gradually — only speak as quickly as you can go without getting tripped up. Record yourself speaking the words, then play it back to compare it to the recording provided.  Try to sound as similar as possible!


Other announcements and reminders:

  • Tour to the Crescent City: Registration is now open on the member portion of the website. As a reminder, we need to register by November 1st.
  • Dec. 8 Gig at the Parc Regent in Los Altos: Please respond to THIS POLL to indicate your availability for this gig (Bravi singers only — VTG, no need to respond).  It’s important that we know exactly who we can expect.  It’s a great opportunity!
  • Sunday rehearsals (optional):  Please respond to my email indicating how much Sunday rehearsal you might be willing to attend.  These will not be required, but would benefit all involved.

Keep up the hard work — the performances will be here before you know it, and your work will bring a great payoff!

Have a wonderful week!
Jace, Elena, and Jazmine


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