April 18, 2016/Rehearsal #14

April 18, 2016/Rehearsal #14
April 21, 2016
April 20, 2016/Rehearsal #15
April 21, 2016

April 18, 2016/Rehearsal #14

Dear Bravi/VTG Singers,

Thank you for your wonderful hard work on Monday. It was a pleasure to work with you a bit on my own.

Please check the Vocalise blog for details about what we did all together. It is important you also go there and look at that information. Go now! Then come back here!

Alone, we mostly worked on Seven Bridges Road. I have tried to reflect the tweaks we made in Rachel’s arrangement below. Please review them carefully. NOTE: Everything is AS WRITTEN unless noted.

  • M. 5: T2 on a d, Bass on a low B.
  • M. 12: Bass in unison with Bar (g)
  • M. 13: As written in the original score (in new key)
  • M. 43 and 44: we massaged the rhythm a bit (eighth note on “a,” “part” comes on the downbeat

I think this is mostly it. Please be sure you review Rachel’s arrangement carefully and learn it AS WRITTEN. It works if you sing it accurately. A copy is attached here as well:

Scannable Document on Apr 11, 2016, 11_07_47 AM

We began to work on Oh, My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose. Please review this carefully at home!

Music for Spring Concert

Below is the music for your spring concerts. Please be sure that you are up to date with your memory and all notes/rhythms/texts are learned, if not memorized.

Vocalise Repertoire for Spring Concerts

For you, this also includes Seven Bridges Road; Oh, My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose; One-Note Samba; Bésame Mucho; and Girl from Ipanema.

See you soon!


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