October 3 – Bravi/VTG Rehearsal #5

Prep 3 Blog # 4 Week of October 7th
October 7, 2016
Prep 1 Blog # 4 Thursday October 6th
October 7, 2016

October 3 – Bravi/VTG Rehearsal #5

Dear Bravi and VTG:

Thank you for your hard work in my absence last week.  As I said before, I do not take lightly the decision to miss rehearsal.  Only in a case of serious illness would I stay home.  Thank you for understanding

Simon deserves your respect and gratitude for working to lead you through a lengthy rehearsal — Bravo, Simon!

Here are some reminders from the Vocalise Blog.  Performances will be here before you know it, so please stay on top of learning and memorizing your music.

Action Items for next Monday (Reh. 9 of 17)
Practice EVERYTHING withametronome. Memorize tempi for each piece.
Memorization: Walker, Vindo, Grace. Memorization checks in small groups
Alunde Alluia: Watch and listen to this performance from 2012. Learn the piece and choreography
Amavolovolo: practice movement, make it sharp and seamless

Additional Items taken from Simon’s notes to me:

Music Down in My Soul:  As you practice this, be sure to check your tempos (referenced above).  The piece should grow and grow, and your breath has to be under you.  This will improve if you know that you have to breathe faster and think faster with each passing section.  Please rehearse the end — we will spend significant time on getting to groove and “gel” Monday. Here is an excellent reminder of the “feel” (articulation/syncopation/energy): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h46SEWcqlg0&noredirect=1

We should work toward memory on this as well, even though it’s new.  We’ll shoot for the end of the month!

Sing We Now:  Review this and work toward memory, especially for the first three pages. I would like this to be completely memorized by the end of the month.  Practice it with a metronome, as well.  The half note should be 98.  Make sure the energy is palpable, but not frantic!  Don’t rush the ends of phrases.

O Come All Ye Faithful: Practice your notes on the first page, with special attention to harmonies.  Familiarize yourself with the melody and words for the entire piece.


Other announcements and reminders:
Tour to the Crescent City: Registration is now open on the member portion of the website. As a reminder, we need to register by November 1st.
Carpooling: Please use this spreadsheet to both request and offer carpooling to and/or from weekly rehearsals, events (eg. Retreat) and concerts. The more of our families that use this resource, the more useful it will be to our community. If you can offer a carpool – please add yourself to the list. Thank you!

Remember to fill out your performance poll for the Dec. 8 event with Aria at the Parc Regent, Los Altos. Currently we have three singers participating, and we need at least half of the group.  I’m confident we can make it work, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for Bravi to shine as ambassadors of Cantabile.  The poll is here:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AO2KuAMjdSxlolN7pyf1o26jVDEv5r6Q0m3LCnsta8Y/edit?usp=sharing

It may seem like we have ages before our upcoming performances, but trust us when we say they will be here before you know it! So use this time wisely and productively so that you can truly relax and enjoy your performance time. I look forward to next week’s rehearsal!

Have a wonderful week!
Jace, Elena, and Jazmine




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