Thursday March 3rd/Rehearsal # 8

March 2, 2016/Rehearsal #8
March 4, 2016
Week of March 4th/Class # 4
March 4, 2016

Thursday March 3rd/Rehearsal # 8

Greetings, Intermediate Singers,

Thank you for a great rehearsal this week! You maintained great focus and we have made much progress with the songs we will be singing in the Cantabile’s  Festival for Young Voices, in just a few short weeks. Now we need to dive deep into musical details, including musical phrasing, dynamics, and other musical nuances to make these pieces truly special, and fun! This means we will only be able to work on three songs per class, plus one for memory check in musicianship. So please continue learning and memorizing at home- it cannot all be done in rehearsal!!!

Many of you are also forgetting to bring your binders to rehearsal –  please remember to bring them every week!!

Trivia Question: What point in history is the popular musical, Newsies, based upon?

Action Items for Next Week:

  • Review El Pambiche Lento (memorized by 03/17)
  • Review Tres Canciones de los Elementos (memorized by 03/17)
  • Review Pueblito, mi Pueblo (memorized by 03/17)
  • Review Goza mi Calipso (memorized by 03/17)

Memorize for Next Week:

  • Un Lorito de Verapaz
  • Wild Mountain Thyme

What to practice:

Seize the Day

  • Practice the opening bars in solfege, as we did in rehearsal – watch for accidentals FI, SI and TE!
  • Whilst studying your score, be attentive to the contrasting dynamics (louds and softs) and think about how we can create more contrast between the different musical sections.
  • Please review the chord (mm 61-62) which we sing in 3-part harmony, particularly the movement from C to B-natural!
  • Start to memorize this song

El Pambiche

This showed a lot of progress last night, and your maraca playing helped us feel the syncopated rhythms against the 4-beat pattern.

  • Part 2 needs to review their music and sing the solfege in measures 42-56 and measures 75-90.
  • Speak through all the Spanish
  • Continue clapping 4 beat per measure as you sing the song.
  • Continue to listen to the song!

Goza mi Calipso

This song is also improving – you are feeling the spontaneous and highly rhythmic dance elements of the song!

  • Please review your “ooohs” in measures 28-36 – sing in solfege!
  • Review the Spanish, and the translation:

Enjoy my calypso and come and dance.

The calypso in Venezuela is a popular song

That accompanies the parades throughout Carnival.

The calypso is from Guayana–a land rich in minerals.

We sing for everybody, we invite you to dance.

My calypso sounds like this

Here you have my calypso

Calypso, calypso dance

To dance!

  • Here is the video we watched – continue listening and following in your score, and dancing!

Seven Wonders

We have almost finished learning this song – we will start with it next week and refine some of the sections in 3-part harmony, and also incorporate dynamics and other ways to create contrast and intrigue in this special song!

Tres Canciones de los Elementos

We are well on our way to polishing this song. Your harmonies are strong, as are the complex rhythms in Fuego.

  • Listen and review the music and the Spanish
  • Also take note of all dynamic markings
  • Start to memorize this song

Musicianship A: Nice work solving our mystery song in F major, writing your F major scales and melodic dictation. This week, please complete pages 23-25 in Book 2.

Musicianship B: Great job reviewing your intervals, solving the mystery song in D major, writing your D major scales and melodic dictations. It was also fun to play rhythm dice! This week, please complete pages 23-25 in Book 3.

Trivia Answer:  Newsboys Strike of 1899

Have a great week!


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