Week of April 22nd/ Class # 11

Week of April 22nd/ Class # 11
April 22, 2016
Week of April 22/ Class # 11
April 22, 2016

Week of April 22nd/ Class # 11

Greetings, Prep 2 Families!

Thank you for another fun and enriching week of music-making in Prep 2. Please read the important information below about upcoming events, and the recaps of what your child is doing in Prep 2 Class!

Concert Season is Coming!

We are preparing for two wonderful performances – Prep 2 will be featured in Cantabile’s All-Choir Spring Concert on Saturday May 14th at 1pm (call time 11:30), with our dress rehearsal taking place on Thursday May 12th at  First United Methodist Church, Palo Alto, 4:15-6:30 PM.

Prep 2 will also perform in recitals the following week (please note class-time adjustments):

Monday Prep 2 Class Recital: Monday, May 16 – 4.00-4:45 pm

Tuesday Prep 2 Class Recital: Tuesday, May 17th – 4.30-5.15 pm

Thursday Prep 2 (early) Class Recital: Thursday, May 19th – 4:30-5:15 pm

Thursday Prep 2 (late) Class Recital: Thursday, May 19th – 5:30-6:15 pm


New Cantabile singers will need uniforms for our spring recitals and concert – please order as soon as possible at Merry Mart Uniforms, as they tend to sell out of the Prep skirts fairly quickly. Singers will need to be in  full Cantabile uniform at the May Spring Concert and Prep 2 Recitals. Please note that Prep 2 singers need to be wearing the red polo shirts with the Cantabile logo, and uniform black pants for boys, and skirts for girls.

From Katie (Monday and Tuesday);

  • We welcomed one another with two of our favorite welcome dances, How do you dootee, and Way Down Yonder in the Schoolyard
  • The children took turns bouncing the ball on the strong beat of Bounce High, Bounce Low – everyone also took a turn picking a new place to bounce the ball!
  • We kept singing this song as we walked to the whiteboards and worked out the rhythm and solfege of the song – except we decided to change the final note from “mi” to “doh.” Then the children wrote the song in the key of F-doh.
  • We then reviewed the rhythm and solfege from key sections of Kokoleoko, before practicing the whole song from memory with motions. The children are doing a great job, and should continue working on, and listening to this song at home.
  • The children reviewed the solfege of the bird call section in Manx Lullaby – reminding themselves that it first ends on “sol” and then on “doh.” The children also used their arms to make big, sweeping motions, to show the long phrases. Everyone should continue reviewing this song at home, particularly the B section, which starts “Oh fold thy wings.”
  • We took a break to play some games and dance – Obwisana is a great game for team work and maintaining an ostinato while singing. We also played Draw Me a Bucket of Water, and Little Sally Walker – this is a favorite because the children can really groove to the beat and create fun new motions!
  • We ended rehearsal by reviewing one more recital song, This Shall Be For Music – the children are very close to memorizing this, but they should continue reviewing at home, particularly the B section (I will bring you gifts of gold) where the tempo picks up dramatically, and the melody is new.
  • Please make sure your child listens and reviews to, all the songs, as well as Give Us Hope and Come and Sing, our two massed songs in the concert!

From Emily (Thursday early class):

This week we got our first chance to practice 2 of our  concert and recital songs with the piano.  Teacher Jazmine graciously came in to play for us. Please make sure your child continues to listen to and practice our concert songs:  Manx Lullaby, Kokoleoko, Great Big Sea, and Ratlin’ Bog.  In addition, make sure they are listening to and learning Give us Hope and Come and Sing.  I’ll include the links again in this blog so they are easier to find.  I want to be sure that the kids feel ready to sing these in the concert, so it can be a great experience for them.

In addition to the concert on May 14, we will be having a recital in our class on May 19th.  Yesterday, the children and I discussed what we are going to share with you.  I think you will definitely enjoy the hearing their favorite songs and seeing what they have learned.

Now that we have covered all that business, I’ll tell you what we learned this week!  We started our class with the circle game All Around the Kitchen, where each child gets to choose a movement for us all to do.  We then played a game of drop the handkerchief to the song Kitty Kitty Casket.  The children were then able to derive the rhythm of the song, which had a new rhythm in it:  tiri-ti.

Next, we returned to the chant Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, Where Have You Been?, and we were feeling how many sounds there are in one beat, as our introduction to 6/8 time.  We then played another game in 6/8:  Here We Come Santa Maloney.

After sharing some wishes with me while we sang Startlight, Starbright the children were able to derive the rhythm and melody of this song, as well as identifying the scale as pentatonic.  Finally, some of the children got to come up and improvise melodies on the tone ladder for us all to sing.    They are really showing great progress and increasing skills in the class!

Thanks and see you next week.  Here are the links:

Great Big Sea:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoRV9dsx5Zk

Manx Lullaby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMJQYM8QOPI

Kokoleoko: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzoI4MfHrj

Ratlin Bog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMX5jXFJNv

Give Us Hope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YX6TJrFjHGI

Come and Sing:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tks7ME5WrnQ

From Jazmine (Thursday at 5): 
  • We welcomed one another with Jump, Jim, Joe and some of our favorite vocal warm-ups!
  • We reviewed all the 2-part sections in Kokoleoko and worked very hard on the endings. The kids are really getting it-  please keep reviewing this song at home!
  • We then got to rehearse many of our concert songs with Laney at the piano – it was so fun to hear the accompaniment and to rehearse as if in performance – some of these songs were A Great Big SeaManx Lullaby Give Us HopeThis Shall Be For Music, and Ratlin’ Bog. Please make sure that your child reviews these songs at home, particularly the endings!
  • We had a great time dancing to Down the River
  • We worked on our music theory by deriving the rhythm and solfege for Apple Tree, and writing it on the staff
  • We ended with one of our favorite games, Obwisana!

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