Vocalise Blog: February 3 – 6, 2020

Week 5: Feb 6, 2020
February 8, 2020
Prelude II Tuesday – Week of February 10, 2020
February 12, 2020

Vocalise Blog: February 3 – 6, 2020

We are at the usual rehearsal space from 3:30 to 7 pm. Please, dress in Cantabile black T-shirt and something like stretchy jeans or yoga pants on the bottom. Dark colors preferred.
Vocalise SSA Blog : 2/3/20 – 2/6/20
  • Your most important action item is to have We Are the Garden fully memorized.


    Ease on Down the Road – Charlie Smalls, arr. Mac Huff

    • The first entrance is the most important — it has to start off with an incredible amount of energy and diction.
    • If you ask yourself “is it too legato?”… it probably is. Separation and rhythm must permeate every moment of this piece.
    • m. 43 – 44: Review rhythm. Circle the eighth rest on downbeat of 43. Stomp or clap to help you bounce off of the rest.
    • m. 52: NO “ROAD” on the downbeat.
    • m. 59: Double-check these notes. They are different than earlier, similar phrases.
    • m. 65: Review this rhythm repeatedly
    • m. 82 – 83: Drill these pitches repeatedly.
    • m. 94 (last bar): Very strong sound with a quick, wide-range fall off of the final note.

    Side by Side – Stephen Sondheim, arr. Wittig

    • Reminder: Every word must be very clearly enunciated. Overdo the diction.
    • M. 10 – 11, and ALL similar phrase-pairs: Be sure you are singing a descending minor 6th (Sol – ti) here, NOT a perfect fifth (Sol – do).
    • m. 25- 26 & 33 – 34: Sforzando on “shines” / “lines” with a big crescendo
    • m. 153 – 157: Vary the inflection and pitch greatly here, and exaggerate it all.
    • M. 157 – MUCH SLOWER. Mark it in your part if needed.
    • M. 209-212: Review these pitches.

    Bridge Over Troubled Water – arr. Kirby Shaw

    • Please spend lots of good time reviewing the notes. If it’s new to you: feel free to learn down the octave (especially tenors) as the tessitura is sometimes quite high. Read the rhythms on the page, not the ones you know from some other version of the song. Be diligent. More on this piece next week.

    Seasons of Love – arr. Roger Emerson

    • Spend your time on notes and rhythms. Don’t worry too much about the words, as we will be changing them soon.
    • As with lots of other Gala music, learn with rhythm in mind, first and foremost. Never sostenuto or too legato.
    • In every chorus, the pickups before “love” must be sung with lots of diction and punchy rhythm. Examples: m. 20, 22, 24: “how about” / m. 48, 50, 52: “remember the”

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