Prep 3 Blog # 6 Week of October 21st

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October 16, 2016
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October 21, 2016

Prep 3 Blog # 6 Week of October 21st

Greetings, Prep 3 Families,

Thank you for another great week of rehearsing in Prep 3 Chorus!  We are having fun with many Halloween songs, warm-ups and circle games, while also developing a beautiful, unified sound, and learning and reinforcing several important musical concepts. Our rehearsals will now continue to become more focused on repertoire and recital preparation, and I am excited to hear these singers bring their repertoire to performance level.

Save these Dates!
Prep 3 Winter Recital and Dress Rehearsal
Featuring Monday and Tuesday Prep 3 Classes in a Combined Formal Concert
Recital: Tuesday December 13th at 5:30 at Foothills Congregational Church, Parish Hall
(call time 5:00)
*Potluck Reception to Follow
Mandatory Dress Rehearsal for both Monday/Tuesday Prep 3: Tuesday December 6th
at 5:15 at FCC (no rehearsal on that Monday the 5th)
Attire: Prep 3 Concert Uniform! Please purchase here:

Prep 3 Girls Uniform

Prep 3 Boys Uniform

*Please stay tuned for potluck sign-up in November!

Rehearsal Recap:

  • We started with a fun Halloween circle game which enforces steady beat, rhythm, and plenty of team-work fun, Pick-a-Pumpkin!
  • We did some favorite and effective warm-ups:
  1. Gimme 1,2,3 – the singers are becoming very skilled at leading this activity!
  2. “I Love to Sing” with body percussion (changing the word “sing” to other favorite hobbies)
  3. Mama Made Me Mash My M and M’s with the Hambone Pattern – the singers came up with new candy flavors each time.
  • We reviewed and sang the f natural minor scale, before reviewing The Ghost of Tom with fun body percussion. The children sound great singing this in beautiful 2-part harmony.
  • The singers then derived the rhythm and solfege for the final section of our winter art song, Velvet Shoes, before revewing and refining the phrasing and challenging pitch material.
  • We worked on the African Christmas carol, African Noel. The children are doing a great job learning the song by listening and responding, harmonizing, and feeling the compelling syncopated rhythms!
  • The children derived the rhythm and solfege for the fun American folk song and game, Great Big House in New Orleans.
  • Monday Prep 3 rehearsed Hine ma tov and starting mastering the harmonic sections. They also derived the rhythm and solfege from a complicated section in Minka, and showed that they really know the song well!
  • Tuesday Prep 3 rehearsed Lights of Hanukkah and starting mastering the harmonic sections. They also worked on Zumba.
  • Tuesday Prep 3 started learning a fun African-American circle game called Little Sally Walker – Monday Prep 3 will also learn next week!

Action Items – All songs should be learned and memorized before Thanksgiving!

  • Monday Prep 3 should listen to:

African Noel

Velvet Shoes



Hine ma tov, and Candles, Candles, while following along in their score

  • Tuesday Prep 3 should listen to:

African Noel

Velvet Shoes


Lights of Hanukkah


Candle of Hope

Children who still need to complete their Candy Rhythms composition can print and complete for next week. There will be another packet featuring important melodic and rhythmic concepts for next week’s homework.

Have a great weekend! See you next week.







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