Prep 2 Blog # 1 Week of September 16th

Intermediate Chorus Blog # 4 Thursday September 15th
September 16, 2016
September 16-18 – VTG/Bravi Retreat Rehearsals
September 22, 2016

Prep 2 Blog # 1 Week of September 16th

Greetings, Prep 2 Families,

On behalf of Jazmine, Emily, and me, thank you for a great first week of Prep 2 rehearsals! We all had a lovely time meeting our new singers, and saying hello to our returning singers, and we are all getting ready for a wonderful semester of singing, friendships, and musical discoveries!

Prep 2 Chorus Expectations

This is the best age to start routines and expectations so children can embark upon a lifetime of choral singing! At Cantabile, we expect our singers to:

  1. Raise your hand to speak
  2. Be an active participant
  3. Be kind and considerate
  4. Play instruments when asked

Please share these expectations with your child this week.

Katie and Jazmine’s Blog (Monday and Tuesday Prep 2)

Recap from Rehearsal 1 – Theme – Friends Around the World!

  • We welcomed one another with two multi-cultural activities: How do you dootee from Australia, and Bonjour, mes amis, from France! Have your child teach these fun games to your family to play at home!
  • We set the tone for a session of special friendships by learning the canon Make New Friends
  • We learned each other’s names by speaking and playing them on a variety of percussion instruments. We extended this activity by playing a number of school-themed rhythms with the help of our Back to School Rhythm cards, featuring many important rhythmic patterns including these values: Eighth notes (ti-ti) Quarter notes (tah) and sixteenth notes (tiri-tiri). The children then rearranged these rhythms in a number of different orders, and played each new “composition” as an ostinato to accompany Make New Friends.
  • The children warmed up their singing voices with Back to School Vocal Explorations, and a new warm-up called Mama Made Me Mash My M and M’s. They had so much fun suggesting new candies to “mash” and their voices truly soared as they implemented a beautiful “ah” vowel for “Mama” and “Yum.”
  • We did some work with the solfege tone ladder, and derived the pitches for the well-known folk song, Frere Jacques in F-doh, which we then sang in 2-part harmony.
  • We danced the fun French Folk-dance, Yan Petit!
  • We started learning one of our concert songs, Dormi, Dormi, an Italian lullaby carol. The children distinguished the different sections by “napping” during the slow section, and dancing during the fast section! Please listen to the song this week by following along in the music.
  • This week, please also listen to Jamaican Noel, a rousing holiday song with calypso rhythms, and Good Night, based upon a Russian lullaby by Dmitry Kabalevsky. And please stay tuned for Mp3s of these songs in our next blog!

Emily’s Blog (Thursday Prep 2)

Welcome to my class, Prep 2 Families!
In our first class we learned a lot of skills:
  • We kept the beat in our feet while I learned everyone’s name in the song Dinah.
  • We learned the new rhyme:  How do you Dootee, and kept the beat with our shaking hands.
  • We learned the difference between Beat and Rhythm with the chant 2,4,6,8.
  • We learned the notes So and Mi and their hand signs from the song Categories.
  • We reviewed So and Mi, and had some fun with running during Come Home all my Ducks and Geese.  This song also offered the opportunity for children to sing individually.
  • We had fun playing We are Dancing the the Forest, which will help us learn the note La in the future.
  • We learned the beginning of our first recital song:  a Hannukah song called S’vivon, which is about a dreidl.  Thanks to Ezra for helping with singing and translation!
Have a lovely weekend! See you next week!

Katie, Jazmine, and Emily

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