January 18, 2018/Rehearsal #3

January 17, 2018/Ensemble Rehearsal #3
January 19, 2018
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January 21, 2018

January 18, 2018/Rehearsal #3

Dear Intermediate Singers,

Thank you for a fun and productive rehearsal this week.  We were fortunate to have a visit from Cantabile’s Artistic Director, Elena Sharkova, in the middle of rehearsal and she gave us a formal introduction to the ground-breaking work she has been doing with Vocalise for years now in yoga and meditation.  Watch for a letter coming from us soon with a deeper explanation of the benefits of yoga and meditation for singers and how we will be incorporating it into the curriculum of the younger levels of Cantabile.

Trivia Question: The recording in this week’s blog of Away From the Roll of the Sea is performed by a youth choir in Texas called Conspirare.  What does this word mean?

Action Items

Warm-Ups  Each practice session, take a few minutes to vocalize before you sing.  The purpose of these exercises is not merely to warm the voice up, although that is important, but they also develop habits and muscle memory for good vocal technique.  Regular practice of them will make you a better, stronger singer.

  • Remember to imagine a softball in your mouth as you sing:

  • Move your body with big swoops of the arms and by bending the knees while you sing:

  • Remember not to wait at the top – take a quick breath and come right back down:

Banjo Pickin’ Girl

  • If you haven’t done this already, go through the music and put a star or an X out to the left of your voice part’s staff on every score, or system of staves, on every page.  We are only singing two of the three voice parts in this song to begin with (see voice part assignments below if you’ve forgotten).  Sopranos, you will always sing on the top staff.  Altos, your part is going to wind around a bit from the Soprano II line to the Alto line and back.  Be sure you have your music marked correctly as follows:
    • From ms. 6-13, sing the Soprano II line.
    • From ms. 14-21, sing the Alto line.
    • From ms. 22-the end, sing the Soprano II line.
  • Using the following rehearsal tracks, practice your part throughout the song.  Remember, LISTENING is as important as SINGING.  So start out by just listening to me sing while you follow along in your music.  Then when you begin to sing along with me, be sure to continue to listen WHILE you sing.  If you discover that you are singing something different than I am, go back and listen, then sing again and make your voice match mine.



  • Compare your part to the other voice parts to see where you sing the same notes as another part (unison), and where your part differs from the others.  Make a note in your music (in pencil only) where you sing “unison” and where you sing “harmony.”

Voice Part Assignments

Soprano Anika, Sarah R, Montana, Irene, Sunayna, Asha, Sara W, Elli, Ava, Aarohi, Raghav, Chloe, Nika, Amiya, Pascal, Kasmira, Sophie, Kitty, Claire, Daniel, Millie, May, Vivana, Aidan, Anthony, Addie, Kaitlyn

Alto Rhea, Julian, Maya, Sarah C, Naveli, Elisabeth, Jacob, Kiara, Kahaan, Stefan, Ashwin, Emily, Gabriel, Kayla, Ruth

Not sure Josie

Away From the Roll of the Sea

We started a new song this week which comes from the island Cape Breton in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada.  Here is a performance of the song by a youth choir in Austin, TX.

  • This week, I would like you to write in the solfege syllables above the notes in the first verse of the song in your music.  If you are able to figure out the solfege on your own, I challenge you to write it in your music first, then check your work by comparing it to the chart below.  However, some of you may not be ready to figure out the solfege in this key (G major) yet.  Please refer to the chart below and transfer the syllables into your music (using pencil only).  Solfege syllables have been written underneath the corresponding words.


Small craft in a harbour that’s still and serene
so-fa mi so do re-so ti do mi so-la
Give no in-di- ca-tion what their ways have been
la so do-do ti re do mi so fa
They rock at their moorings all nestled in dreams
so-fa mi so do re-so ti do-mi so la
A- way from the roll of the sea
la so mi so fa re ti do
  • Practice singing the melody on solfege syllables first, then on words.
  • When you are ready, see if you can write the solfege syllables in for the second verse and practice it the same way.
  • It may be helpful for you to have the entire scale of solfege syllables here:
    • Doh, ray, me, fah, soh, lah, te, doh – this is how we pronounce them
    • Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do – this is how we spell them

Come and Sing

  • We will sing three part harmony on this song, Soprano, Soprano 2 and Alto.  Go through the music and put a star or an X out to the left of your voice part’s staff on every score, or system of staves, on every page.  You will see where the voice parts are written at the very beginning of the song.  Sopranos are on the top staff.  Soprano 2’s are on the second staff down and their notes are the top notes.  The Altos are also on the second staff down, and their notes are the lower notes on that staff.
  • Listen to this recording of Cantabile singing Come and Sing while following along in your music.  Notice the singers’ tall vowels, crisp consonants and beautiful tone.  We want to emulate these things as we sing.
  • Use the rehearsal tracks below to practice your own individual part.

Soprano 1

Soprano 2


Musicianship Assignments

Note: if you just received Book 2 this week in rehearsal, please see your schedule in parentheses in the chart below.  I apologize for the delay in getting started – do your best and let me know if you’re having trouble keeping up with the assignments.

Intermediate A

  • If you are at the beginning of Book 2, we will move each assignment back one week.  So, your schedule will look like this:
Date Pages Due
1/18 1-4
1/25 5-8 (or 1-5)
2/1 9-12 (or 6-10)
2/8 13-16 (or 11-15)
2/15 17-20  (or 16-20)

We’ll have the Review for Mid-Semester Check in class

  • If you are half-way through Book 2, we will move each assignment back one week.  Your schedule will look like this:
Date Pages Due
1/18 21-22
1/25 23-24
2/1 25-26
2/8 27-28
2/15 29-30 (we’ll have the Review for Mid-Semester Check in class)

Intermediate B

Book 3, pages 25-26

Intermediate Advanced

Check back soon for assignment from Jazmine

Trivia Answer:  Conspirare means “together.”  Why do you suppose the choir chose this name for their ensemble?  Tell me your ideas at rehearsal next week.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend enjoying the sunshine!




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