Intermediate Chorus Blog # 1 Thursday August 24th

Bravi / VTG Rehearsal #1 – August 21, 2017
August 25, 2017
Vocalise Rehearsal #1: 8/21/17
August 26, 2017

Intermediate Chorus Blog # 1 Thursday August 24th

Greetings, Intermediate Singers,

Thank you for a wonderful first rehearsal. I was already so pleased with the sound you produced and I really enjoyed chatting with as many of you as possible during break. I look forward to a great year of singing and strong choral friendships as we prepare for our concerts!

Trivia Question: Last night, we watched a video of Cantabile Youth Singers performing one of our concert songs, Peter, Go Ring-A Dem Bells. In what year did this concert take place? Watch the video, and tell me next week!


Peace on earth….and lots of little crickets

  • Begin on page 11, measure 57 and review the “boom boom” section – be sure to sing your “shings” and “shingas” correctly!
  • Keep a 4-beat pattern on your body, and read aloud the entire text of the song, working on clear, crisp, enunciation and making it as rhythmic as possible.
  • Watch and listen to the song, while following along in your score.
  • Part 2, review your harmonies starting in measure 57.
  • Part 1, take note of your harmonies which begin in measure 47.

Blustery Day

  • Practice alternating between 6/8 and 3/4 using the body percussion patterns we learned yesterday. Remember, you are alternating between 2 and 3!
  • Yesterday we discussed accents and fermatas. Go through your score and find as many as you can, and relate them to the text being sung.
  • Speak the text like a poem.
  • Watch and listen to the song, while following along in your score.

Peter Go Ring-A Dem Bells

  • Open your score and read about the history and meaning of the song.
  • Read through the text and track when your part sings, often in Call and Response. Does your part sing the call? Or the response?
  • Refer to the F major scale and write in the solfege for the first 2 pages. If it’s tricky, just do your best!
  • Watch and listen to the song, while following along in your score.

Part Allocations

Part 1: Kahaan, Sarah R., Asha, Anika, Sarah C., Sunayna, Adelaide, Kasmira, Ellie, Katelyn, Nika, Alison, Ashwin, Sara W., Josie, Pascal, Sophie, Kitty, Montana

Part 2: Julian, Naveli, Aiden, Kayla, Claire, Emily, Maya, Gabriel, Vivana, Arun, Elisabeth, Jacob, May, Millie, Stefan, Kiara, Anthony, Raghav, Claire

Please recall:

  • Vowel Shapes: Oooh, Oh, Ahh, Eh Eeeh, and the motions we made to emphasize the shape of the vowel and how it’s produced. Always release and breathe between phrases!
  • Sing-EE-Sing-EH-Sing-AH: Be sure to engage the back of the tongue to create the “ng” sound and to also create more space for a resonant sound!
  • Review all our movement-based activities: Zacody Cody, Pata Pata from South Africa, and Yonder Come Day


Musicianship A Assignment

  • Singers who are starting Book 1 should complete pages 1-4
  • Singers who are halfway through Book 1 should complete pages 21-22
  • Singers in Book 2 should complete pages 1-2

Musicianship B Assignment

  • Please complete pages 1-2
  • Write in the solfege for the rest of Come Join in the Song

Advanced Intermediate Assignment

  • Please print and complete the sheets below which are all about the minor scale – my apologies for not giving it to you yesterday!
  • Stay tuned for an invitation to Noteflight, our online composition site which will allow you to create all sorts of wonderful music compositions!
  • Write in the solfege for the rest of Come Join in the Song





Have a great weekend. See you Thursday!



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