Avanti Blog #6, February 12th, 2020

Week 2: 2/13/20
February 14, 2020
Gala Avanti Rehearsal Tracks
February 21, 2020

Avanti Blog #6, February 12th, 2020

“Oh My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose That’s Newly Sprung In June…”


Happy Valentine’s Day, Avanti!  We had another great rehearsal this week.  We are in that exciting part of the process where many of the notes and rhythms are “under our belts” and the music is starting to really shine through.  During February Break, rest, relax, have fun, spend time with your families, and…listen!  Listen to something from your rep every day.  It will take you mere minutes, and the benefit will be enormous. 


Action Items

  • SRF:  Complete this week’s assignment, AND GET CAUGHT UP IF YOU ARE BEHIND!  Last week some of the settings were incorrect – I will double check with Jazmine that they are correct now.  Please reach out if you encounter a problem!
  • Musicianship:  Complete the Major-to-minor Scale assignment below, and turn in to Asher and Namrata after break.  If you did not turn in last week’s assignment, complete that as well and turn in.
  • Messe Breve by Leo Delibes:  Using your trusty pencil, add in all tempo and dynamic markings.  (see below) Memorize Kyrie and Gloria.
  • El Cielo Canta Alegria!:  Pronunciation!  Listen to and practice the spanish by itself, then in rhythm.  Listen to recording and get notes and rhythms learned.
  • Will There Really Be A “Morning”?  *MEMORY CHECK MARCH 4th.  Great job with first memorization goal!  It’s time to completely memorize this one!   
  • Like A Singing Bird:  *MEMORY CHECK MARCH 4th.  Be prepared to sing in small groups, fully memorized!  
  • Ol Time Religion:  Learn all notes and rhythms. Memorize the first 2 pages.


Ideas and References

This week we focused on DY-na-MICS!  As we all know, dynamics create drama and excitement for the listener.  As performers, we must know what is coming up in our music, so that we can use our dynamic range to its’ best advantage; effectively “setting up” those dramatic moments for our audience.  This can be a real challenge for the younger singer, as our voices have not yet fully matured, and so we have not yet achieved our full individual dynamic range. It takes so much vocal control to truly sing “pp”!  It takes so much breath control and vocal focus and power to sing “ff”!  The good news is that as you continue on your paths as vocal musicians, and as you simply get older, your dynamic range will get bigger and bigger and BIGGER.  

But here’s the really interesting thing…did you know that for many singers, using their full dynamic range (whatever it may be at any given moment) is actually kind of scary?  It’s true! Often times, the thing that limits an ensemble’s dynamic range is a basic lack of confidence.  So it’s not just that it takes so much vocal control to sing “pp”…it’s that it can feel vulnerable to sing “pp”!  And it’s not just that it takes so much breath control and vocal focus and power to sing “ff”, it’s that it takes an impressive amount of courage and guts – and perhaps most importantly – trust in each other to sing “ff”

Let’s make it one of our top goals to become an ensemble where we foster that trust in one another.  Not only will it enhance our whole experience in Avanti, it will fuel our artistic fire and empower our performances to truly reflect our dynamic range!



Here is the Messe Breve full score.  Messe-Breve-4

Go through the entire piece (leaving out solo sections) and add in all dynamic and tempo markings.  Your score should contain all the following words/markings, wherever they occur!  Not sure what something means? Look it up!                                                        

Specifics Continued…

El Cielo:  Use the following recordings to work on your pronunciation, both out of and then in the written rhythm.  

“El Cielo Canta Alegria, Aleluya!”

“Porque en tu vida y la mia brilla la Gloria de Dios”

Porque a tu vida y la mia las une el amor de Dios”

Porque tu vida y la Mia proclamaran al Senor”

El Cielo, with rhythm, mm. 9-16

El Cielo, Sop 1, with rhythm, mm. 30-37

El Cielo, with rhythm, mm. 53-60

El Cielo, with rhythm, Sop 2, mm. 61-64



This week we worked on changing a Major Scale to a Natural minor scale.  To do this, we had to do three things: lower the 3rd, lower the 6th, and lower the 7th.  Here is our example, starting with an F major Scale, and changing it to an f minor scale.



Look at the flats used in the f minor scale: B-Flat, E-Flat, A-Flat, and D-Flat.      We see that they represent f minor’s relative Major key; A-Flat Major.  

Using this sheet music, https://www.flutetunes.com/blank/treble-10.pdf

  1. Write out the scales for A Major, E Major, B Major, and G Major.  Do not indicate a key signature – create the scales using whatever accidentals necessary in front of individual notes.  
  2. Rewrite each scale, lowering the 3rd, 6th, and 7th.  
  3. Write each scale out one last time, without individual accidentals, instead moving all accidentals into the key signature.  
  4. Make a note of what each minor scale’s relative Major is!  
  5. FOR AVANTI B/ADV ONLY: Pick two Natural minor scales and rewrite them in  Harmonic minor and Melodic minor form. (Harmonic is different from Natural in only one way – the 7th scale degree is raised by a half-step.  Melodic minor is “weird”…ascending it is just like a Major scale, except for the lowered 3rd. Descending, it reverts to the Natural minor form.)  



  1. Ol Time Religion   https://www.stantons.com/sheet-music/title/oltime-religion/00138949/
  2. El Cielo!  https://open.spotify.com/track/3De71k73PJRM3GYwmsu7GV?si=twaZ-qM_RD6A-eWjgm64lQ
  3. Will There Really Be A “Morning”? https://open.spotify.com/track/4yFVxq0LAqz0TegT8UwvnM?si=KYhL2uCXQfKTPSJM_b5ieA
  4. Like A Singing Bird  https://open.spotify.com/track/4dRSQ57dabDv7l9QiUeHZX?si=GYdxwnTvSnWZg7ljhjtMHg
  5. Messe Breve  https://open.spotify.com/album/0IGo3V3lhAUuoM1BTic0ex?si=qB68eqyMQLmwgwhTuM8PLA


No rehearsal next week!  We will see you the week of February 24.  Have a wonderful Winter Break!

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