Avanti Blog, #10, April 4th

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March 29, 2020
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April 10, 2020

Avanti Blog, #10, April 4th

Happy April, Avanti.  🙂   Many of you may be starting your spring break this week…and I’m sure dealing with some amount of disappointment.  Cancelled vacation plans, or even not being able to just get together with friends to hang out, is maybe taking the shine off of things a bit.   My hope for you during your spring-break-at-home, whenever it may be, is to be as silly, goofy, creative, lazy, and proactive as you’d like to be.   Make a new dessert each day and do a tasting/ranking with the fam.  Write a skit and perform it after dinner for your family.  Re-read all your favorite books.   Lay in the grass and watch the clouds go by.  Climb a tree.  Call people on the phone.  Write letters to folks who would loooove to hear from you. Draw, paint, sew, build….lay on the couch and watch an appalling amount of tv.  (parent-approved, of course) And of course, sing!  


Action Items

SRF: Complete this week’s assignment.

Musicianship:  Let’s review keys/sharps/flats!  This should be pretty short and sweet – taking no more than about 15 minutes. 

1. Print out and complete the Sharp Sheet and a Flat Sheet Avanti Musicianship  work-page. 

2. Using the Interval Song Video, practice singing the Cantabile Interval Song found here:  Musicianship Songs/Exercises  Remember – this is a really tough thing you are working on, so don’t worry or stress out if you’re struggling.  Notice where you are having the most difficulty, and slow down and isolate that interval.  Take your time and speak kindly to yourself when you practice.  NOBODY gets this perfect at first.  I am proud of you for working on it!  

3. Want a little challenge?  Totally optional – print out several of the Key Signature Sheet Avanti Musicianship work-page. See if you can do one Key Signature work-page a day, for seven days in a row!  If you do, email me a picture of your work.  If Mom and Dad say it’s ok, I will mail you one of my fancy Musical Stickers!  Pretty exciting, right??!?


For Fun  🙂 

Would you like to join in the Java Jive Challenge?  I’ve uploaded into our Avanti Distance Learning, video part-recordings for the Java Jive

Java Jive Recordings

I’ve also included there a recording of Rosie, Franny, and myself performing it.  (We call ourselves The QuaranKline Trio. lol) I’m going to do three more videos; one missing a Sop 1, one missing a Sop 2, and one missing the Alto.  If you’d like to sing in your own Java Jive Trio, simply learn your voice part, and then practice singing with the whole QuaranKline Trio, and then….see if you can hold your part all by yourself with the video that has excluded your voice type!  This is GREAT practice in general; it’s also tons of fun AND a great way to get a taste of Aria-level singing!  Feeling extra brave??  Make a video of yourself performing with your Java Jive Trio, and email it to me.  Don’t worry if you can’t sing the entire piece – send me what you CAN do!  I will most definitely send you some extra extra fancy stickers for that!  


For Next Week’s DistanSing Rehearsal

Wow – thanks so much for sharing your adorable pets with us last week!  Here’s an idea for this week…

Do you have a favorite song?  It can be any type or style! (Most of us don’t have a single favorite – so maybe pick one from your top 10.)  Make a sign with the title of your favorite song that you can hold up towards the end of rehearsal.  Make your sign as gorgeous and glorious, sparkling and splendiferous as you’d like! I’ll take a screenshot, and then we can make an Avanti Favorites Playlist.    🙂 


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