April 24 – Bravi / VTG Rehearsal #14

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April 22, 2017
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April 28, 2017

April 24 – Bravi / VTG Rehearsal #14

Hi, Bravi and VTG:

You have made beautiful progress this year.  During this past week’s rehearsal, I was exceedingly proud of your preparedness, your flexibility, and your beautiful singing.  And what an experience and incredible opportunity we have to make music with Laura Inserra!  This will be a concert to remember, for sure.

BUT!  (Isn’t there always one of these?) …

After hearing “Rain Music,” I asked how it went (since I was playing piano and couldn’t watch).  The response was: “They sound incredible!  But they look really unhappy.”  So while your singing is incredible, we must remember that a concert is also a visual experience.  There will be so much to hear and see at this concert — Laura’s incredible playing, a video and visual component as well… you must rise to the occasion so that you are also the focal point of the performance.  Rehearse this way. Practice this way in your own time.  Always perform.

Action Items/Expectations: all singers should be able to put a checkmark next to the items below.

  1. All pieces must be memorized  – Bridge Over Troubled Water and Imagine should be memorized by our rehearsal on Monday, May 1st. (Seniors — please memorize ALL solos so you can be called upon at any moment to sing any of them.)
  2. When reading the blog, enter all markings and comments into your score, per the detailed descriptions below.
  3. All solo parts are open for auditions: if you are interested, it’s best to send Elena your  recording of the solo.

Additional Announcements and Reminders:

  • We are rehearsing off-site at First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto (625 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto) this week and next week. Rehearsal will begin at 5 PM, 30 minutes earlier than usual. Plan to be there by 4:45 so that we may begin on time.
  • Sunday rehearsal will be held again this week at Simon’s grandparents’ home from 3:00 – 5:00pm.  Please attend if you can. Their address is 227 Verano Drive, in Los Altos.
  • Tell EVERYONE about our Spring Concert! This event is twice as big as it was last year, so we want to see twice as many people! Invite friends, family, teachers, etc. Direct them to www.cantabile.org/experience-cantabile/web-of-life

Repertoire Notes:

Only a portion of the pieces are covered below. All singers must practice all pieces each week.

Refer to previous blogs for details.

Famine Song

  • Make your movement natural in the “rain” sections – your hand position should be relaxed, not clawed or firm and straight-fingered – follow one of your hands with your eyes
  • Please sing with longer vowels throughout, but especially in the “Weave my mother, etc.” section – closing to the consonants early on “baskets” and “rushes” will not work.
  • Tenors, drop out after “Rushes” in m. 33 – return on the B in m. 34
  • Please sing with a head-voice tone on “Rushes wild” in each chorus.  Basses are excused from singing the high D here.
  • “Out of heat, under sun,” “Famine’s teeth, famine’s claw” can still be sung with more grit, more bite – singing with a snarling resonance will better contrast with the legato that immediately follows.

Past Life Melodies

  • Closely read the accompanying rehearsal notes and program notes in the score. Take a moment to internalize their meaning and be prepared to practice and sing with your whole self.
  • Please be 100% certain about your group number, and where your group was seated at this week’s rehearsal.
  • Always sing with a smile – your tone and face should exude joy at all times. It’s not a dirge!
  • When you are making your tone more resonant, do so with your breath, not by pushing and creating tension in your larynx.
  • Keep the sound bright and very resonant — never “yell-y” or oversung.
  • In the final section, Isaac, Alexy, and Nathan should sing the high B (tenor octave) rather than the low B.

Rain Music

  • Practice with a mirror, for your family, with a phone and take video of yourself… whatever it takes!  Insist that your visual presentation of this piece reflects the energy and power of the music during every second you are on stage.
  • Diphthongs should always be refined — especially in words like “Loud” and “Louder.”  Remember, the first vowel is “ah,” like “father” not a flat /ae/ like the word “rather.”
  • Crescendo throughout the final note and drive the sound to the end of the piece, with a strong cutoff.  Be confident about where this final “m” is placed.

Esti Dal

  • Unfortunately, there has been very little rehearsal time for this… I trust it’s in excellent shape.  🙂
  • Again, consider your facial expression and your physical presence for this piece.  It is an unfamiliar language for our audience.  How will you show them what the piece is about?
  • Sing legato 100% of the time.

Always our best,

Jace, Elena, and Justin

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