January 13, 2015/Rehearsal #2

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January 14th/ Rehearsal # 2
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January 13, 2015/Rehearsal #2

Dear Ensemble singers,

Thank you so much for your hard work and excellent sight singing yesterday. We are refining a lot of repertoire you already know, which is really hard work! Keep it up!

Brief Announcements:

  • Reminder: You are singing at the Los Altos Hills Gala ONLY on Jan. 30th! Only Aria and Bravi will be singing at the Cantabile Gala on the same evening.


  • Keep the talking in check! It is great that you like each other, but during rehearsal, no talking! I may bring something to rehearsal next Wednesday to help with this…


Action Items for Next Week:

  • Memorize (or finish memorizing):
    • Happy Anniversary Los Altos Hills!
    • Imagine
    • Come and Sing
  • Be ready for small groups:
    • On any of the three memorized pieces!


  • Review and ensure you still have memorized:


    • Hanget Soi
  • Complete Musicianship Assignments as outlined on your schedule and below

Our new “Happy Anniversary” is (obviously) based on Happy Birthday, the song we all know and love. Do you know what the original words to this song were?

Rehearsal Review:

Happy Anniversary!

We learned this from beginning to end. When you are practicing at home, pay extra attention to your “fanfare” notes. Please memorize for next week. Unfortunately, the file I planned on sending you cannot be attached to the blog. You will have to practice on your own! You can do it!

Added Bonus: Roger Burnell came to tell us a bit about the Los Alto Hills Gala. He arranged this version of Happy Anniversary just for this occasion and just for you!


We sang through this once to ensure we have all of the correct parts, and again spread out to practice singing with space in between us. As you re-memorize this week, be very careful about two things: 1) Rhythms in the tune, and 2) No extra low Alto notes. Triple check to be sure you are singing it accurately.

“Happy Birthday” is attributed to Patty and Mildred J. Hill, sisters from Kentucky. Patty was a kindergarten teacher, and may have originally used this tune with the words “Good Morning to All” in her kindergarten class!

Come and Sing

We reviewed this and sang in small groups by grade level. It was pretty well learned, but needs to be totally memorized by next week!

Repertoire or the Los Altos Hills Gala:

Come and Sing

Hanget Soi


Happy Anniversary


General Musicianship Notes:

Please be sure you are going back and making all corrections Gwen asks you to make!


Musicianship A

Key signature relay race

For next week: Complete pages 4-6 of Book IV.


Musicianship B

Canon sight singing

For next week: Complete pages 4-6 of Book V.


See you all next Wednesday!




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