Avanti Blog #2; January 15th, 2020

Rehearsal #2 1/16/20
January 18, 2020
Vocalise Blog 2.2 – January 13 – 16, 2020
January 18, 2020

Avanti Blog #2; January 15th, 2020

Thank you, Avanti, for Wednesday’s great rehearsal! 

You continue to impress me with your skill and talent; I have to say I was especially impressed with your dancing, (!) and I appreciated how you literally “jumped in” to the choreography with such a fun and can-do spirit.  You have the potential to be a fabulous PERFORMANCE TEAM! 

This week’s at-home work is very important so that we can ramp up our rate of repertoire learning.  I realize last week you did not have rehearsal recordings to support your weekly practicing; Like A Singing Bird rehearsal tracks are included in this post and I’ve also included a recording of the Messe Breve (rehearsal tracks coming soon), and two recordings for Listening At Home (LAH), so dive on in and learn those notes and rhythms! 


Action Items

 For Repertoire:

  • Learn your vocal line for “Like A Singing Bird”. 
  • Learn your vocal line for Kyrie from “Messe Breve”. 
  • LAH; (Listening At Home) Gloria from Messe Breve (1x/day, beginning Saturday)
  • LAH; Will There Really Be A Morning? (1x/day, beginning Saturday)


For Musicianship:

  • SRF – Complete the posted assignment
  • Complete the Key Signature worksheet


  • Complete Get-to-know-you Worksheet
  • Red, red rose (you have 2 weeks to complete this experience)

In a quiet place, where you are pretty sure you will go uninterrupted, (does not have to be at night – that’s just a suggestion) and when you are in a calm, peaceful state of mind, …….look at a flower for five, quiet, uninterrupted minutes.  If this can be a red, red rose; wonderful!  If that is too difficult to get ahold of (this should not be about making more work/cost for mom and dad!) please find any flower you can. 

As you look at your rose/flower, take deep, slow breaths.  Look deeply at the details of your flower – the color, texture and shape of its petals.  Let your mind wander where it wants to go, keeping your gaze upon your flower.

When you are finished (you are of course welcome to do this longer than five minutes) jot down something about your experience.  This can be as little as a few descriptive words, or it can be something longer about the feelings and images that surfaced in your mind and heart.  There may even be some who feel compelled to create – to draw, or write, or compose. 


There is no right or wrong. 


There is you, and there is the red, red rose.   



  • Preventing “vowel decay”; staying true till the end of the phrase
  • Mind/body connection through yoga and dance
  • The faster the sub-divisions performed, the smaller the physical action
  • Refreshing singing stance
  • Introduction of the Latin Mass; born out of religious tradition and ceremony, became a famous musical structure, inspiring composers throughout the history of music.  Welcome to the incredible world of the choral Latin Mass!  


  • YES!  VAL has rehearsal this Monday, January 20th, MLK Day.
  • Mandatory Avanti Parent Meeting: Wednesday, January 29th

Like A Singing Bird: Sop 1

Like A Singing Bird: Sop 2

Like A Singing Bird: Alto 1

Like A Singing Bird: Alto 2


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