August 21, 2019/Rehearsal #1

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August 22, 2019/Rehearsal #1
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August 21, 2019/Rehearsal #1

It’s the first blog of the new season – Cantabile’s 25th Anniversary Season!  We have much to celebrate this year, and new challenges to meet which will push us to even higher levels of excellence.  I am thrilled to be on this adventure with YOU!

For practice this first week, please listen to the following recordings several times.  Listen at least once without following along in the music – just close your eyes and REALLY listen.  Then listen again, reading the music as you go and seeing if you can pick your part out (voice part assignments are below for various voicings-some are TBD).

Also, please mark where your line is in your music by writing “Sop1” or “Sop2” or “Alto” out to the left side of EVERY score/system on every page for sections where you know for sure what part you are singing.  We will determine our 4-part division (and therefore, our 2-part division) next week.


Festive Alleluia by Lyn Williams

  • Ms. 1-8 – unison
  • Ms. 9-16 – 3-part split (Sop 1 read top note on top staff; Sop 2 read lower note on stop staff; Alto read lower staff)
  • Ms. 17-25 – 2-part split (Sop read top staff; Alto read lower staff-part assignments TBD)
  • Ms. 26-33 – 3-part split
  • Ms. 34-43 – 4-part split (part assignments TBD)
  • Ms. 44-51 – …stay tuned!

Psalm 23 by Srul Irving Glick

  • Ms. 1-33 – 2-part split (whenever there is only one note, all sing unison)
  • Ms. 34 (with pick-up) – 3-part split
  • Ms. 35-59 (first note) – 2-part split
  • Ms. 59 (2nd note) – 3-part split
  • Ms. 60 – we will divide these notes at rehearsal next week

Hymn to Freedom by Oscar Peterson, arr. Kirby Shaw

  • Note:  This recording only contains a section of the song.  It begins at ms. 7 and ends approximately ms. 42


Voice part assignments in a 3-part split (until further notice):

Singer First Singer Last Voice Part-3 pt
Alexanna Smith Alto
Ana Banchs Alto
Asha Aggarwal Alto
Kasmira Lada Alto
Marissa Tang Alto
May Sudo Alto
Nika Herrnstadt Alto
Ronnie Horowitz Alto
Ruth Moss Alto
Shakira Spencer Alto
Stefan Waiblinger Alto
Aarohi Chittar Sop 1
Aimee Furlan Sop 1
Amiya Minhas Sop 1
Elisabeth Schwartz Sop 1
Hanna Kryhina Sop 1
Ila Perinkulam Sop 1
Lauren Jene Sop 1
Lauren Chen Sop 1
Linnea Furlan Sop 1
Maya Moss Sop 1
Montana Rist Sop 1
Neoli Das Sop 1
Sarah Radzilowski Sop 1
Sophie Mazzeo Sop 1
Vivana Dave Sop 1
Aditya Shivakumar Sop 2
Aidan Okyar Sop 2
Anika Bagare Sop 2
Chloe Chiang Sop 2
Elli Kline Sop 2
Millie Cheng Sop 2
Lorelai Hartman Sop 2
Maya Cavestany Sop 2
Naveli Singh Sop 2
Pascal Waiblinger Sop 2
Rhea Pandya Sop 2
Sirisha Mitra Sop 2
Sonal Mane Sop 2



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  2. Avanti A worksheet
  3. Avanti B&Adv worksheet

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