April 20, 2016/Rehearsal #15

April 18, 2016/Rehearsal #14
April 21, 2016
Thursday April 21st/ Rehearsal # 15
April 22, 2016

April 20, 2016/Rehearsal #15

Dear Ensemble Singers,

I missed you this week! Thank you for your work with Elena and your concentration on your tests with Jazmine.

Here is the schedule for now through the All-Choir Concert. Please use it to prepare for rehearsal! EnsembleSpringConcertRehearsalPlan2016 (1)

Action Items for Next Week:


  • If you missed your musicianship test: you will take it next week, 4/27
  • Sight-Singing Evaluations begin on Wednesday: if you do not go on 4/27, you will go on 5/4.


  • Loch Lomond: Memorize! There will be memory checks


  • Like a Singing Bird: Memorize! There will be memory checks
  • Quiet Land of Erin: Begin memorizing.

  • Eu e Você: Make it perfect!

Please also review and practice:

El Pambiche Lento

Give Us Hope

Come and Sing



General Musicianship Notes:

Please be sure you are going back and making all corrections Gwen asks you to make!

Everyone will take a sight-singing evaluation with Gwen on either 4/27 or 5/4. You can prepare by looking over past sight-singing packets–your example will come from there.

Please continue to work on completing your book. All corrections are due by 4/27!

See you all on Wednesday!



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