April 13, 2016/Rehearsal #14

April 11, 2016/Rehearsal #13
April 14, 2016
Thursday April 14th/ Rehearsal # 14
April 15, 2016

April 13, 2016/Rehearsal #14

Dear Ensemble Singers,

This week we started on repertoire for our Spring Concert. Please use the guidelines below for practice and be sure to review specific assignments. I will have a schedule for memory next week!

Here is the schedule for now through the All-Choir Concert. Please use it to prepare for rehearsal! EnsembleSpringConcertRehearsalPlan2016 (1)

Action Items for Next Week:

  • Musicianship Tests are next week! Please use the information below to review. The tests will be taken during the regular musicianship time.
  • Loch Lomond: Review and begin to memorize
  • Like a Singing Bird: Review and begin to memorize
  • Quiet Land of Erin: Review your parts from measure 34 to the end
  • Eu e Você: Memorize. We will have memory checks!

Rehearsal Review and Practice Notes:

  • Like a Singing Bird
      • We reviewed and shaped each phrase of the main melody, and reviewed the alto part as well
      • Please begin to memorize this


  • Loch Lomond
      • We sang through the whole thing and checked rhythms
      • Please begin to memorize
      • Prepare the solo if are interested in singing it.
      • Here is a recording for you to use in your practice: http://www.sbmp.com/SR2.php?CatalogNumber=1218
  • Eu e Você
      • We spent time getting this ready for memory next week.  
      • Please be sure you memorize it thoroughly!!
      • Here is a recording you can use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF6gfSj5Anc
  • Quiet Land of Erin



General Musicianship Notes:

Please continue to work on completing your book. All corrections are due by 4/27!

Musictheory.net is an excellent place to look for more review for your exam. You can look for specific topics (key signatures, scales, chords, inversions) under “lessons” or “practice.”

Musicianship A

We reviewed what you need to know for your test on 4/20:

  • All Major and Minor key signatures (identify and write)
  • Short rhythmic dictation in 6/8

Here is a blank copy of the review sheet:Musicianship A Key Sig Review (6 April 2016)

Here is a recording of the dictation for your practice. Remember, it is six measures of 6/8:

Here is a copy with all of the answers: Musicianship A Test Review Key

Musicianship B

For your test, you will need to be able to:

  • Write all Major and Minor scales (all three types of minor scales)
  • Write and identify all Major and minor scales, plus whole tone scale
  • Write and identify major and minor triads in root, first and second inversion

Here is a blank copy of the review sheet we did in class: Musicianship B Test Review Sheet

Here is an answer key:Musicianship B Test Review Key


See you all on Wednesday!




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