Lori Bammesberger

Dear Ensemble,

Sunday is the BIG DAY!  I am looking forward to spending the day with you, not only because you are going to be outstanding in the recording studio, but because you are wonderful people and I enjoy spending time with you!  Below is a reminder of how to practice Four Bridges today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday).  You are going to be so proud of yourselves for working so hard on the preparation of this piece, and it is making you better musicians.  Keep up the great work.

A review of Sunday’s logistics:

Check out the story of the historic Fantasy Studios.  It’s quite remarkable.  Below, please find important information about the upcoming event:

Who: Ensemble Singers

When: Sunday, February 4th.  Drop off at FCC at 9:00am.  Please be on time (or even a few minutes early!) – we are on a tight schedule in the morning.  Cantabile will be providing bus transportation to and from the recording session.  Pick up at FCC at 5:30pm.  (Please be aware that this is Super Bowl Sunday.)

What to bring:

  • Your Four Bridges Score in your Cantabile binder
  • Pencil
  • Water Bottle with your name on it
  • Healthy sack lunch: there will be time to eat, but not enough time for singers to go get lunch at the studio.  
  • Tea in a thermos (optional, but encouraged)
  • Something warm to wear such as a sweater or sweatshirt (jackets are not encouraged as they can create noise during recordings)  
  • Homework, reading, or other activities to keep singers occupied during breaks.  Electronic devices are allowed if they are being used for homework or other academic purposes.  Please be aware that Cantabile assumes no liability if they are lost etc.  
  • Please bring something such as a backpack or bag with your name on it to keep all your belongings in.  (Cantabile tour bags work great for this!)  We are still working with the studios to determine if there’s a safe (locked) location for us to store our items in, so please use discretion when packing your singers belongings.    

What to wear: Black Cantabile t-shirt, smart jeans, comfy shoes such as sneakers or flats.  Singers will be standing for long periods of time.  


I need you to understand the importance of PRECISION in this recording.  The recording studio does not mask any errors.  We must all be 100% accurate in rhythm and pitch.  It is vital that you follow the rehearsal plan this week and make room in your schedule for practice every day.


  • Focus on the cues we did not get to in rehearsal first: Letters I, J, K, N and O.  Then practice the cues you find most challenging.
  • Read through the Whispering Text page, and especially practice the following:

The ship set sail last year in the sixth moon.

The ship set sail

In the sixth moon the ship set sail.

Last year the ship set sail

Set sail, set sail, in the sixth moon, the ship set sail, ship – set sail, set sail, set sail, set sail…

Ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship – – –

  • Practice each track 5 times in a row before moving on to the next track.
  • Tap the beat on your chest as you sing.
  • Make it your intention to be ever-so-slightly ahead of the click track.
  • If you make a mistake, just listen to the track once.  Write beats in your score so your eyes will track accurately.  Circle notes you tend to sing incorrectly and make a note of how to fix it (ie, draw an arrow up if you tend to sing the pitch too low or draw a straight, vertical line at the end of the note if you tend to hold it too long).  Then go back and sing it again.
  • Memorize each cue so that you can put your music down and watch me conduct.


Enjoy these recordings of two songs we’ll begin working on next week!

Untraveled Worlds by Paul Halley

Banjo Pickin’ Girl arr. Tim Sharp and Andrea Ramsey

If you ever have questions or need help with an assignment, don’t hesitate to email me at lori@cantabile.org .  See you Sunday!





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