Annual Fund Campaign

Cantabile’s 25th Anniversary Annual Fund Campaign

Please help support Cantabile’s Programs and the Signe Boyer Scholarship Fund

Welcome to Cantabile’s 25th Anniversary Annual Fund Campaign! Please help support us to fulfill our mission - we empower our young singers with musicianship skills, solid vocal technique and exceptional performing opportunities. Cantabile’s program is very carefully designed with a holistic approach to music education and children’s development:

  • We build strong, beautiful and unique voices.
  • We foster musicianship and develop solid music reading and performance skills.
  • We teach stage presence, teamwork and a deep appreciation for the arts and creativity.
  • We offer our programs from preschool all the way through twelfth grade.

Cantabile’s exceptional music education and performance program teaches teamwork and collaboration, promotes the joy of artistic expression and builds self-esteem and leadership skills. Our singers create a strong foundation of music learning that supports their acquisition of other subjects-most notably language learning, writing, and math skills. Not only does singing in a choir support their life long learning journey and their academic success, it also creates beauty and gives the community the chance to come together in song. And we depend on your financial support for this choral community so that we can share this wonderful gift of music widely.

  • Support our Annual Fund Campaign this year and help us accomplish these goals!
  • Close the gap between the tuition income and yearly operating expense: Program costs are 30% more than annual tuition.
  • Fund extraordinary opportunities for children: New Music Commissions, conductors in residence, stellar performance opportunities.
  • Support Community Outreach: We host the annual Cantabile Festival for Young Voices.
  • Nurture New Initiatives: Over the past three years Cantabile has founded two new ensembles: Aria and Bravi and a Young Men’s Division.
  • Give to The Signe Boyer Scholarship Fund: Cantabile has a commitment to serve all children regardless of their ability to pay tuition.

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