Our Seniors

Zoe Woehrmann

2 years with Cantabile
High Schools: Harker School

Cantabile has been a wonderful experience for me; I've grown so much as a singer and as a person. I can't even begin to describe how much more I know about music theory and singing technique. I've gained so much from singing in many, many foreign languages and perfecting my accents, even with the words that seemed impossible to pronounce at first. I will definitely take everything I've learned with me to college and beyond. Even though I've only been with the group for two years, they have been so much fun, and I know that the bonds I have made with everyone will last forever. Everyone at Cantabile is so friendly and talented that each rehearsal is an honor and a pleasure! Every choir concert has been such an exciting event, and I love hearing all of us sing together. I’m really going to miss everyone and hope to come back to visit soon!