Our Seniors

Zoe Quake

10 Years with Cantabile

For years, I’ve imagined what it would be like to perform at my last concert or to go on my last tour. Although I could have predicted a bittersweet ending, there was no way I could have predicted that the last three months of my ten years of choir would be virtualized due to a global pandemic. For a while, I struggled to accept the less-than-ideal circumstances surrounding the conclusion of my experiences in Cantabile and in high school. However, as I reflected on the larger lessons gleaned from my time in Cantabile, I realized that Elena and Jace have equipped us for this situation and many more to come. Jace, Elena, and all the other wonderful Cantabile staff always lead by example. In addition to having a plethora of musical knowledge and talent, they continuously show up with poise, resiliency, tenacity, and compassion. Yes, they have taught us multitudes about music, but most importantly, they have taught us how to connect with and uplift others, especially in uncertain times. I have learned that vulnerability is a strength, and that music will always be an incredibly powerful connecting force. Our time apart this spring has reminded us all how important this connection is, and how vital music is for understanding our shared humanity.

I keep waiting to feel the resolution of the penultimate chord, yet none has come. And perhaps that’s because there isn’t supposed to be one. I know I will carry the lessons, memories, and experiences from my time in Cantabile with me for the rest of my life, and they will never cease to be a quintessential part of who I am and who I become.