Our Seniors

Simon Patmore-Zarcone

6 years with Cantabile
St. Olaf College

As I complete my sixth year in Cantabile and prepare to head off to St. Olaf College, I cannot help but look back on my time in choir with a great deal of heart-warming nostalgia. My regrets are fairly minor: I should have spent more time learning Russian diction, and I should have started bringing a pencil to rehearsal sooner. Among other things, Cantabile has taught me to look forward—albeit usually when Jace reminds me to do so he is talking about sheet music. Cantabile has taught me that singing is about learning how to interpret music better, breathe together, and performing with intention. We spend time reflecting on the true meaning of every song we perform. This makes us compassionate. We breathe together to begin every phrase. This makes us more in tune with one another. We, as artists, perform powerfully with the intention of changing our communities. This gives us a sense of personal agency. My time at Cantabile has not been about hitting the right note at the right time, it has been about building character, forming bonds of friendship and trust, and strengthening our choral community.

Yours in Harmony,