Our Seniors

Sarah Robinson

7 years with Cantabile
Skidmore College

I’ve sung with Cantabile for seven years, although before Cantabile I completed the San Francisco Girls Chorus school- that was four years, making this my eleventh year singing overall. I look forward to continuing to make music at Skidmore College next fall. Cantabile has been an interesting experience for me. While most of my peers who started Cantabile around when I did were either coming from a less-than-amazing school choir- and at the elementary and middle school levels you can’t expect amazing things from our public school system- or they had no experience at all, my sister and I on the other hand, were recent Chorus School graduates who were hesitant at the comparatively relaxed, less education-focused and more music-focused Cantabile curriculum. While it’s true that Cantabile makes sure every singer knows enough theory to read music and interpret it, the focus is less on technique and strict performance attitude and more on feeling the music, enjoying the performance, and sometimes dancing. It also allowed me to form close bonds with a few friends, as at school it can be a struggle to find friends who share a love for and a strong comprehension of music.