Our Seniors

Peridot Park

1 Year with Cantabile

I am grateful to Cantabile for instilling in me a sense of full-body and full-mind commitment. Through Cantabile, I have learned to embody a performance through not only vocal and musical technique, but also through body language and facial expression. I try to take this sense of holistic, 100% commitment with me not only in musical performance, but in everything I do.

I also appreciate that Cantabile re-introduced me to yoga, which I still practice every day. In addition, Cantabile exposed me to a wide-ranging repertoire, and many of the pieces we sang are some of my favorite songs to listen to. My experiences in Cantabile were a defining characteristic of my senior year, and helped me to grow both artistically and on a personal level. Thank you Elena, Jace, and the rest of the Cantabile team for a unique and rewarding year of singing!