Our Seniors

Megan Buiocchi

5 years with Cantabile
Hamilton College

I could state the obvious and say that my time in Cantabile has made me a better musician—that I’ve grown from a shy eighth grade girl struggling to sight-read to a mature singer who is fully immersed in the cultural exposure, cathartic healing, and communal love of singing with others. When I look back over five years of singing, dancing, yoga, and travelling, the most important lesson Cantabile has taught me is how to be a dedicated community member. By surrounding me with highly-motivated, brilliant, and talented musicians, Cantabile has taught me how to strive for excellence, remain resilient despite failure, and venture through life with grace and artistry. Thanks to the challenges and opportunities that Elena and the entire Cantabile community have granted me, I can go confidently into my next journey in life, knowing that the lessons I have learned in Cantabile will carry me wherever I go.