Our Seniors

Lara Babu

9 Years with Cantabile

Over the past 9 years, I have been lucky to call Cantabile home. The small Parish Hall on Orange Ave will always hold a special place in my heart, for it was a place where I learned to express myself freely through music and grow up! Being the somewhat rambunctious child I was, Cantabile shaped me into not only a performer, but the person I am today. If not for the the emphases on learning not only the music but the valuable history behind it (often not taught in school), the importance of maintaining a “performance-ready” presence both on and off stage, and how attention to detail and sustained focus reap great benefits, I would not be as ready for the next chapter. Cantabile has shown me the world in ways I never would have seen otherwise, not only through tours of both international and domestic destinations, but also through exposure to music of many different cultures and languages (people are often surprised when I know words in Estonian, Russian, or Swahili).

Alongside the impact of my conductors, the community of singers that Cantabile fosters has allowed me to form valuable friendships with a wide variety of people. I am beyond grateful that I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by such caring and passionate individuals. Oh, to stand in the back row with the other Alto 1s for just one more rehearsal (never any side chatter from me of course)! Overall, I wouldn’t trade my experience with Cantabile for the world. I give a heartfelt thank you to Elena, Jace, Jazmine, Natalya, and everyone who I had the privilege of singing with. I’ll miss you all dearly!