Our Seniors

Kelly Buck

4 years with Cantabile
Carleton College

With church choir being my only singing experience, I was more than slightly out of my element when I started Ensemble in seventh grade. I couldn't read music, sight-sing (still working on that), I, for the life of me, didn’t understand what "interpretation" meant, and I was forever terrified by the scary Russian conductor. I felt so overwhelmed that I quit Cantabile at the end of the season. Two years later though, while listening to choral music, I came across a song that I’d heard at the first Cantabile concert I ever attended, back in sixth grade. Over the course of those three minutes, I realized and remembered that choir embodied everything I love about music. I’d never been more inspired to be a part of something. At the end of that song, I knew that I wanted to re-audition for Cantabile. Honestly, I don’t know who or where I would be if I hadn’t. Cantabile hasn’t only cultivated my love and appreciation of choral music, but it has also taught me to sing out, take risks, make mistakes, and, if all else fails, improvise. It has taught me to commit myself to everything I do, to practice until I cannot get it wrong, and to sing with the goal of inspiring others the same way Cantabile has inspired me. Thank you Cantabile!