Our Seniors

Jonathan Choe

3 years with Cantabile
Seattle University

One day my mother randomly told me that I was going to be auditioning for a choir. I had little if any reaction, because music was nothing new and scary. Then the day of the audition, she told me that I needed to pick a piece of music to sing. That's when I freaked out. I hadn't prepared anything, and I needed to sing in front of someone I had never met before? Fortunately, my ten minutes auditioning with Elena was not quite like I had imagined. I was immediately struck by how she focused more on the tone of my voice rather than the notes I missed. I knew that this was something special, and even though I couldn't immediately commit to Vocalise, I joined Bravi, which was in its inaugural season. Since then, I have had wonderful Thursdays, then Tuesdays, and now Mondays in which I can enjoy the wonderful community of music. I will certainly miss my Monday evenings as I head off to college, and I will never forget the wonderful community that is and will always be Cantabile Youth Singers!